ok ok ok,
Apparently Sonesta Maho Resort and Casino, petitioned the labour office to send home 12 cashiers from their restaurants who have been working there for a long time because of financial difficulties and the labour office approved sending them home…
At the same time they have announced that they are importing 10 Jamaicans to train as Activities Desk personnel….. SMH
uh so no St. Maarten people know how to organize volleyball and pool party? #onlyinsxm
    • Umesh Nandwanimy friend, the 10 year tax free is coming to an end soon. I can bet you pretty soon you will hear threats about Maho, Great Bay and all of his other businesses will close and then guess what, another 10 year tax free will be granted.Government is a group, but conteolled by one. You take a guess

      13 hours ago ·
    • Emmanuel ChristopherSad

      13 hours ago ·
    • Sjaoel Shooz RichardsonA well, does Sonesta need a business license? If so, no renewing unless certain requirements are met….WE still run things here!!……I’m just saying…

      10 hours ago ·
    • Don Liburdchamber of commerce say that whistleblowing is acceptable. just do it like NIKE

      9 hours ago ·
    • Javier GomezInstead the train the workers they have or offer then the position they’re willin 2 hire out of towners a position for less pay. Fucked up they are.

      5 hours ago ·

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