New Intended Governor for Sint Maarten Ajamu Baly 2022

St Maarten Government News

New Intended Governor for Sint Maarten

News item |26-08-2022 |17:45

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Ajamu Baly is nominated by the Kingdom Council of Ministers for appointment by King Willem-Alexander as the new Governor of Sint Maarten.He succeeds Eugene Holiday, whose second term in office ends on October 10.Intended Governor Baly will assume the office of Governor on 10 October during a solemn meeting of the States of Sint Maarten.

The Governor of Sint Maarten represents the King and in that capacity is the head of the government of Sint Maarten.In that position he is inviolable and the ministers are responsible.As a kingdom body, the Governor looks after the interests of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.The Governor is appointed by the King for a period of 6 years.He can stay for a maximum of 12 years.


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