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Families of parties from left to right: communist, socialist, green, liberal, Christian democratic, conservative and libertarian. The position of two other types, agrarian and regional/ethnic parties vary. Another category is Islamic political parties.


The representatives form an independent ruling body (for an election period) charged with the responsibility of acting in the people’s interest, but not as their proxy representatives not necessarily always according to their wishes, but with enough authority to exercise swift and resolute initiative in the face of changing circumstances.


ELECTORATE = “US”, the “THE PEOPLE”. “WE” decide who is representing us in which political party to influence “OUR” needs on a political level.

Statement of today: We will take back the power to ensure that the political needs and wishes of the electorate will be taken care of.

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Modern day slavery

Wednesday, 27 April 2011 22:33

Dear Editor,

I was absolutely disgusted when I was reading this morning’s newspaper article where Deputy Prime Minister Theo Heyliger classifies the current relationsh…ip between St. Maarten and the Netherlands as “modern day slavery.” The reason he gives for this is that he and his government – let’s be honest, it’s his – don’t appreciate that stiff supervision that the Dutch government is applying.

Furthermore it goes on telling that they (the government of St. Maarten) don’t get any extra funding anymore and therefore so many things can’t get accomplished. First of all, Mr. Heyliger, pulling that “slave master vs. slave” card is such a cheap shot and populist outing, it’s beyond my belief. You chose to become a country “within the Kingdom,” not an independent country! Now that the rules are clear to all sides and they are being applied, you start crying a river?

This is what your country needs: supervision! It’s because of people like you that can’t be trusted governing this beautiful island. The Dutch have learned from their mistakes giving Aruba that same country status back in 1986 without that supervision and have a look at the state of affairs on that island.

As a Dutchman, I truly wish these Dutch Caribbean islands could obtain their complete independence from the Netherlands. Only I fear that, because the majority of the local politicians are out there for themselves, not caring at all for what is best for the country, it would be a huge disaster for the people.

As to the question of “lack of funds,” Mr. Heyliger, my suggestion to you, Sir, is that you go and get the percentage of our dear island’s tax compliance up, as suggested by that very competent gentlemen Mr. Xavier Blackman, a professional commissioner, I may add.

Apparently tax compliance on St. Maarten is about 30 per cent. For those readers who are not completely sure what that means, let me explain. It means that of all the taxes our government could collect, it only collects about 30 per cent. The other 70 per cent just never gets paid, for no other reason than non-compliance. And instead of going after these monies, our Deputy Prime Minister Theo Heyliger opts for the easy way out by stating that it’s the Dutch government’s fault for not having any money. No Sir, it’s your and your government’s fault and it’s about time you write out new elections so we can try and minimise the damage you’ve already caused this young country!

Concerned Dutchman

Name withheld on request.

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    • Nelson Els maybe you are a new comer because everybody knows Theo is not the one that signed our lives away with the dutch

      Theo is for independenc

      33 minutes ago ·
    • Nelson ElsHow dare you insult our leader like that but dare not put your Name mr. Dutchman, that is all you problem, all you think all you better than everybody else.

      30 minutes ago ·
    • Nelson Els are the dutch politicians any less corrupted than the st.maarteners?
      what about the Lockheed scandal? even the royalties are involved in scandal.

      what about brinkman & weelders? a total embarrassment to the dutch

      26 minutes ago ·
    • Nelson Elsand let me not have to dish out all the dirty laundry from the dutch politicians pl

      26 minutes ago ·
    • Nelson Els my suggestion to you Mr. concern dutchman stop making suggestions and insulting our people
      and start living in Love, instead o

      24 minutes ago ·
    • Nelson Els If we collect tax or not is not your business
      holland have enough moral problems to keep you busy
      if you want to make this world a better place

      23 minutes ago ·
    • Nelson Els St.maarten is a duty free port, with tax holidays for the big corporations,that is the reason you all are here
      by the way you can start by going to Karakter bar
      and stop him from breaking the law!!!!
      i am sure you have been there since it is a hang out for the Dutchies

      20 minutes ago ·
    • Nelson Els I am nelson Els….and i make these post!
      now put that in your pipe and smoke it!!!

      19 minutes ago ·
    • Nelson Elsand from now on mind your own damn business and leave Theo`s alone

      18 minutes ago ·
    • Nelson Els Go preach to your Dutch fellow citizens to stop judging people by the color of their skin!!!!
      Instead of concern dutchman, you should have post racist dutchman


Really, Theo? Any deviation? But the budget has a 40 PLUS MILLION GUILDER DEFICIT!

So what could be worse than that? You put an incompetent moron to be the head of finances, because his father-in-law is such and such,

how about you hire a competent financial staff, to try to manage the budget.

When they brought someone who pointed out your problems, named Roorda, you people pointed a laser at him,

and used firebombs to get the message out, less anyone else tried to point out the discrepencies in your budget.

St Maarten cannot balance a budget, because we have incompetent fools in charge, who have gained their positions strictly through nepotism.

Nobody is allowed to point out that the emperor (HIRO SHIGEMOTO’S ) LARGE, FLAT ASS IS SHOWING.!

Not when you have the jesters and clowns such as Theo and Duncan jumping around trying to distract with their smoke and mirrors.

The legitimate “press” are not that legitimate….are they?

These are supposedly veteran reporters and journalist, but how can you be fair and unbiased, when you pay your monthly rent to maintain your radio station to a Wathey?



In the middle of fresh gun violence, murder, retaliation AND in the middle of carnival, Duncan plans to enforce his new gun policy WITHOUT any input from parliament.

People in government ARE speaking out, but are quickly silenced! Duncan….how is St Maarten different from Zimbabwe?

First you throw out the Dutch, and the Mugabe takes over with a dang Hitler moustache.

The local “press” is not covering this because they are not just afraid, but who believes them anyway?

They have NO credibility! May 1st is in 3 DAYS!  It is quite obvious from the polls and reactions onland and online that the majority of St Maarteners are against this, therefore this is not a democracy!

Front page to back page, nothing but our leaders defending crime, criminals, guns and violence.

Of course Kendall drew criticism, that’s because the majority of St Maarteners believe that there are already TOO MANY guns to be stolen from lock boxes and safes, so St Maarteners want to clean up this mess….NOT ADD TO IT!

Kendall, the majority of St Maarteners are against this new gun policy…

does it matter to you?

It will matter to your legacy.

And yes, Kendall should be added to the list of people who need to be given a special shovel, in order to bury the ones killed in gun violence.

Kendall, your argument is B.S.,  when there is clear evidence, that no matter what type of safe or lockbox you use, it can be broken into and the gun can be accessed…case and point…. GEORGE YORK…

The police officer had his gun stolen, and everyone including him tried to cover it up…

If you don’t believe me, scroll below to the article about George York having his gun stolen, and then read the bullsh*t comment written by George York himself, denyning it!

It’s quite obvious, that the lock boxes do not ensure gun safety…


The same way the stole York’s gun,

and broke into “The Today”, and stole the laptop,

and stole Gijsbertha’s “secured” laptop,

and the same way they broke into Erno Labegas office,

is the same way that they will be stealing all of these new “legal” guns.

Why aren’t the police giving you the ballistics on these new guns???

Because, evidently some of these guns being used for gang crimes, murder and retaliation might have “special” serial numbers on them.

And you are entrusting a man, prostitute deep, with your safety!

St Maarten will be getting another cleansing,

Just like Luis…..

Hurrican Luis…….remember that ablution?

St Maarten is on a downward spiral through violent crime, and incompetent representation.



Yes, of course your new and corrupt “deputy Prime Minister” supports Regina Labega, who is under a cloud of investigation.

That is because, Theo, like his grandfather, is a corrupt entity, who thrives on organized crime.

Regina Labega, has to keep her mouth shut about what she knows, so of course she gets the support.

Why does Theo have so much input in the Airport situations?

His family legacy, is stealing from the Airport, to assist the mafia in building Maho/Sonesta, isn’t it?

Why is Theo, who has been calling himself deputy prime minister, these days have ANY INPUT AND SAY into the airport?

How corrupt are your government officials, to be getting away with this under your noses, and all you do on facebook and in the other “virtual” political arenas is complain, but I see no one doing anything about the corruption.

Before Kendall Dupersoy, jumped on Duncan’s nutsack, and made a total asshat of himself once again,

Kendall should have been making statements about the overt corruption that’s being displayed,

but Kendall’s problem is that he still sees William Marlin through “rose colored glasses”,

so rather than standing up when he has the chance, and going after these Politici corrupti,

he’s taking another long ride on Marlin/Duncan’s d***!

Yes, Kendall, rather than jumping up on the gun bandwagon, prioritize

Because you are supposed to be smarter than the average fifth grader,

and you’re certainly supposed to be smarter than this government,

yet when you have the chance, you can only defend the destruction of St Maarten,

When has health and education, been a priority,

how about getting these youth off of the streets before adding guns to it?

You are a horrible disappointment whenever you open your mouth Kendall Dupersoy,

because one always expects you to say something insightful, and constructive,

but always ends up sadly disappointed, when you open your mouth,

and we hear William Marlin’s voice.

BTW Kendall, on your “to -do” list…




You sound like every other ignoramus, when you open your bek, and the words of that punk William Marlin comes out!


amador and elton

Since last week the word on the street has been that the alleged shooter was spotted at the Midtown Motel, a motel supposedly owned by Don Hughes. A female who claims that she was at the ballpark the night of the shooting also claims that she spotted the gentleman who did the shooting, along with a friend, trying to keep their faces concealed.

One tall and braided, the other one dark short and stocky.

The people who allegedly spotted these people at this motel, also claim that they have now fled!

So, when it was blasted all over the paper,

I guess people wondered why I didn’t pick the story up….

Well, I simply assumed that the police and the legitimate press knew what I knew,

but then again,

that might be expecting too much in “New Country, St Maarten”.



The only time you hear Theo Heyliger saying anything, anymore is to defend his weak policies, and his habit of doing things the “old” way. Theo Heyliger can you please explain to the people, why the gas prices are so high? And while you’re at it, explain to the people how many of these gas stations are owned by you and your own.

No one is supposed to notice your dirty ties with the airport board, or your connection to the Pelican scandal.

The only time you say anything anymore is to defend the fact that you put the snake in charge, and now it’s hard for you to focus on anything, with an arrow pointed at your back.

Because you are an idiot Theo, you deserve everything you get from Sarah the Snake.
Why does no one ask him about the irreversable destruction going on at the Salt Pond?

Entire species are dying out. The Salt Pond looks like a hell hole, filled with scavenger dogs, who now feed off of the eggs buried by the birds.

The eggs are eaten, before they can hatch, so of course those birds will be dying out.

Before Theo opens up his mouth, he needs to start doing some environmental damage control.

The destruction that this child has been allowed to endulge in is ridiculous,

and now of course he has his eyes set on the Simpson Bay Lagoon.

Theo Heyliger wants to complain about Higher Supervision not freeing up any funds.

Theo who do you think you’re fooling?

When the Dutch give you money you blow it on yourselves, your family and friends.

You throw around a couple hundred dollars to the Black man, and of course the idiots’ are appeased.

Why don’t you reach into you and your family’s deep, dark pockets,

and get the funds, to repair the damage that you are doing to this eco system.

At first I simply assumed that you were a weak punk, Theo, controlled by your uncles.It is now clear, that you are not only weak, you are a moron, with his hands out to the Dutch government,

while you continuously loot our coffers.

In these tough financial times, what has Theo done, but dodge the questions, and try to pump more sunshine up these locals’


Your days are numbered Theo,

you fool ONLY the sheep!



    • Kendall DupersoyYou get what you voted for …. truth is the good brother is too inexperienced, unqualified, and just plain doesn’t have the balls to represent anyone.

      8 hours ago ·
    • Shacka KalmeraShame on it all….

      8 hours ago
    • Romain J La Ville

      Alston, I did not vote for my party or against it, I voted for the best possible outcome for the young lady. It’s funny how no one takes time out to listen to my statements before and after. 1st) The young lady was promises a position by pr…evious Gov. That they couldn’t give her unless they controlled both the parliament and the ministries. 2nd) The position states arguably that the person needs to have a judicial back ground, that the young person doesn’t have. 3rd) All members of Parliament with exception of Frans and Hycinth who left the room by design it seems was in favor of the new proposal. But when Frans and Brother came back, Frans said” we cannot support this because we have promised her the position while we were in government and because of this promise we will not support it” after the other NA agreed on the new proposal. So you make up your own mind on whatever you choose too. Your an EDUCATED one man, they found a compromise with me, I didn’t find one with them. But we are so busy and eager to trample on someone without knowing ANYTHING. Happy EasterSee More
      8 hours ago ·
    • Kendall Dupersoy

      Compromise my ass … you caved in to the needs of the old school politicians who are hell bent on keeping young SXM-ers down to elevate themselves by placing people in positions that owe them something. Cassandra went on training several t…imes in order to fill the position. The truth is that Gracita doen’t want to work with her and that it teh ONLY reason she was not appointed. It had nothing to do with qualifications.See More
      8 hours ago ·
    • Romain J La VilleMy friend Kendall, have a happy and safe Easter.

      8 hours ago ·
    • Kendall Dupersoy

      Maybe we should start putting qualifications in place for MP’s as well cause trust me 90% of you wouldn’t be there right now. some of you will be qualified in a few years but judging from your lack of balls, you won’t be one.
      You are an educ…ated young man but you have to start working on being intelligent and don’t join the old school politics of trying to twist words and blame shit on NA when it’s your party that is at fault. You making yourself look bad to those of us paying attention. the good thing is that most people don’t pay attention and you better hope it stays that way cause if they did you wouldn’t get 50 votes next time.
      Happy and safe easter and carnival to you too my firend!!!See More
      8 hours ago ·
    • Alston Alvarino Lourens

      ‎@Romaine i did listen to everything you said. You especially spoke of having her be trained by him immediately to take over… my question is of course.. this man has experience as an assistant but does he have a judicial background. if on…ly experience is what he has over her… then give her a chance forget the promises… she is a sxmer and until we start to discriminate in the favor of our people we will always be kept under.See More
      7 hours ago ·
    • Brunel GrantMan can’t we just get along for the goodness of SXM, let’s stop throwing blames, instead let’s help and encourage one another regardless of lack of experience or testicular fortitudes!, what Romain did, was his choice only he and god knows why he did, we too quick to pull the trigger when someone messes up

      7 hours ago ·
    • Emilio KalmeraI hear all this talk about experience yet we had so called such and yet the island is a complete disaster not to mention also the world affairs. So tell them don’t do us no favors by bringing more experience persons and so called experts.

      7 hours ago ·
    • Kendall Dupersoy

      Brunel, for me it’s not so much that we shoot peopel down when they mess up. i am willing to give anyone a chance in this shark infested waters we call politics in sxm but when you get a brother who was elected based on his vision to be dif…ferent and then becomes one of the regular polititicians …. plus has the gall to blame the NA for making a promise and not keeping it … he then deserves a hard slap …. with the back of the hand too boot.See More
      7 hours ago ·
    • Brunel GrantAight, I understand but instead of putting it on fb meet up somewhere and ya’ll have a friendly discussion about it, we done having trouble with fighting “crime” on the island let’s not go at each other @ these times!

      6 hours ago ·
    • Alston Alvarino Lourensby no means am i trying to put down Romaine… i was merely letting him know what some of us expect of him. He spoke a good talk, we want to see him back up his talk! i still dont lable him among the old style politicians, but these sort of shennanigans seem to be leading there.

      6 hours ago ·
    • Alston Alvarino LourensKeep up the good work brother, dont let no party stop you for backing up your word and true opinon… because in the long run THAT shows country above party! enjoy your weekend.

      6 hours ago ·
    • Judith Roumoushocker! why are idiots still shocked at what the idiots who they elect do?

      6 hours ago ·
    • Rainer K.A. KretschmannCan she be made his assistant at least so that she can first in line to fill the spot for what ever reason the she will have the experience. That will be a fair compromise for both sides

      4 hours ago ·
    • Olivier Arrindellrainer what F]]]]ing assistant you talking about. I am so sick of this shit now.

      4 hours ago ·
    • Rainer K.A. Kretschmann

      If she ain;t get the position he could at least give her that for now. I sure she will prove she deserves her spot at the top. Its those that work their way up that usually become the best innovators and movers of the system. You like econo…mics look how many mult millionaire worked their way up and our people have that thrive to prove themselves. Where ever a sxmer land we are recognized because of unique style to rise.See More
      4 hours ago ·
    • Raquel Flanders

      Let’s not say N.A. made a promise to her, let’s say government made a promise to her. So what Romain is saying is that if the government who is now in charge offers a student a trainee-ship and a position in government it will not be guaran…teed? It can never be guaranteed because if that government who is now in charge loses its position and the opposition steps in that student will be worth nothing to the new government? So the new government could not kept that promised to that student? It’s not about the opposition but about the student who has invested his/her time to come back home and work for his/her country. Furthermore, I do remember when she first applied for the position there were talks about her and Gracita not getting along. In fact I believe it was because of this she withdrew her application to later applied again. Now can we ask why was Mr. Semeleer chosen and not the rest from whom some do have a legal background? Was he really the most qualified? I believe Janssen should have been given the opportunity. Remember it’s not what N.A. promised her, its what the government of SXM promised her at the time and that promise should have been kept when the new government came in. If she was lacking certain experience they should have offered her training or another opportunity to work in another position for her country. Her time now was just wasted!See More
      3 hours ago ·
    • Silveria Jacobs

      This is the second time MP Laville has come out publicly for something and then stepped back. The last time he voted first, then came to the Teacher’s Actions at the the Great Bay Sports Auditorium to support us in our quest to get what was… ours. He claimed then with tears in his eyes that he had the “Testicular Fortitude” to stand up for what he believed in. However when our actions got to the Government Building, he came outside and stood silently by and never said a word to show support for us. Nor did he enter the meeting between our representatives and the ministers to publicly convince them that what they were doing was wrong.See More
      2 hours ago ·
    • Silveria JacobsTesticular Fortitude is a heavy phrase, Mr. Lavilee. I would be more careful with it from now on. In fact I would be very careful with everything and anything I said from now on. In this day and age, ppl will remember these things if you plan to run once again.

      2 hours ago ·
    • Conquering Lion

      ‎@Everyone here. Please dont blame Romain. At the end of the day, he knows who put that 11,000 dollar salary on the table. If the Deputy Prime & Co. tells those clowns to jump……..they start looking for pogo sticks immediately. Again, do…nt blame Romain. He is greener than his party colors and still doesn’t understand that he is just a cotton picker on a big green plantation. Sooner or later, his dignity and pride will one day get the best of him where he will have the courage (i.e. testicular fortitude) to tell his party’s leadership to stick it UP their asses!! Romain is a good man and can be a good politician……..he just needs to listen more keenly to the teachings of one of his idols Louis Farrakhan!!!See More
      about an hour ago ·
    • Wendell Mooremp Romain you are taking a beating man, if you dont stand for something you fall for nothing/ you happens to be educated enough to defend yourself. Happy easter.

      41 minutes ago ·
    • Conquering Lion‎@Wendell……..this is not about education. Many politicians are educated but very few have knowledge of self!! This is where Romain is now. He is educated, but now he needs to know himself!! Again, as long as he remains under the influence of the golden boy….he will always be a toothless tiger!!

      30 minutes ago ·
    • 22 hours ago ·
      • Dwight Williams‎@ Romain … This is all part of the job and the road you chose … There are good days and rough days … stay strong and continue to do your best. You can’t please them all. May the Lord continue to bless you with knowledge and the experience will come.

        19 hours ago ·
      • Romain J La VilleThank you Dwight, enjoyable and safe weekend to you and your family.

        9 hours ago
      • Samantha Flanders‎@Alston,can you specify what jobs and who these foreigners are in general who get picked over St Maarteners? Seems to me that alot of us,including Romain has foreign parents and if no one ever gave them a job or allowed them the right to strife and survive on our belle SXM,then we would be missing quite alot of ‘our valued citizens’ contributing to our civilization.

        8 hours ago ·
      • Michel Pierre‎@ Samantha Flanders very well said !

        8 hours ago ·
      • Alston Alvarino Lourens

        ‎@samatha, when romaine’s, yours and my own parents came to st. Maarten, Our island NEEDED people. There was a hole in the employment market. Today in our stressed economy: Dutch people in govt and many foreigners in the private sector are …being brought in and automatically being hired for positions that Local sxmers (especially students) CAN DO! Its all justified by citing our lack of experience but how can we ever get experience without the chance?
        Should we stay in a foreign land and gain experience and postpone our dream lives until we are politically appointed to a job we should have gotten honestly?
        Our island is suffering because our ‘local’ young professionals are not getting the same opportunities our ‘foreign parents’ got 25 to 30 years ago. And that is also Romaine’s esteemed message!See More
        8 hours ago ·
      • Alston Alvarino Lourens There is absolutely no reason that the local woman could not get the job when we have ministers who are NOT qualified for their own posts!
        If you put your country first you would not hire a foreigner after 6 locals have applied.

        8 hours ago ·
      • Samantha Flanders

        Alston,i’ll take my questions a step further by asking what everybody here seemed to have neglected asking. Why are some people being PROMISED jobs? Regardless of where they were born and to what social category we want to put them,why are …some people being singled out for special treatment? If there is a job opening,why not give every QUALIFIED person a chance to solicit and be hired on grounds of their own merit. Then you can start adding the criteria of the preference being for someone from St Maarten. Seems to be this is a ‘vriendjes politiek’ issue going on here.See More
        8 hours ago ·
      • Alston Alvarino Lourens I agree, I’m not disputing that ‘vriendjes politiek’ needs to stop.. But do you realize allegedly the local AND non-local in this case got promises and are the center of ‘vriendjes politiek’? It just came down to who’s friends were in power.
        Putting that aside: Go Local! In my humble opinion

        7 hours ago ·
      • Sjaoel Shooz RichardsonI agree with going local. But it is a shame that we have MP’s who have no “dossierkennis” at all and form opinions based on talks without facts. Dualism is nowhere to be found in this small political arena and therefor party politics will remain the same…..there is a post/document about that and a post/document about the hiring of locals in the group “SXMHELPSSXM”….check it out

        7 hours ago ·
      • Sjaoel Shooz Richardsonby the way…i believe that Romain is not fit for the political arena, but listening to him (without KNOWING him) I think he is very passionate about the well being of Sint Maarten. He might want to try a different podium to contribute…..

        7 hours ago ·
      • Alston Alvarino LourensHe is very passionate and I believe he may be fit for politics but not this non-visionary plantocracy style of politics sxm is used to… After the revolution, Romaine can then be effective… Don’t get pulled in Romaine, we need you still clean and passionate for the country after the revolution…

        7 hours ago ·
      • Sjaoel Shooz RichardsonAfter the revolution…..hehehe….that sounds sooooooooooo good….when do we start?

        4 hours ago ·
      • Sjaoel Shooz RichardsonBut on a serious note: Romain has no more room for slip ups. I was as an advisor to the union ABVO present in the meeting where Romain was talking towards the memberships and supporting them. I didn’t want to interrupt him and in front of the crowd point out to him that he voted in favor of the cost cutting emasures (including not giving the civil servants the full increase).

        4 hours ago ·
      • Sjaoel Shooz RichardsonBut it showing lack of knowledge. His intentions might be good (even though I had a short exchange of not the most friendly words with him, I actually believe in his good intentions). Also his timing to look for political mileage, knowing when to speak and when to remain silent needs to improve drastically. He will commit political suicide if he keeps on making these misstakes.

        4 hours ago ·
      • Alston Alvarino Lourens I think by now he knows that this system is designed to make young people become either peons or make them setup political suicide…
        He shouldn’t worry yet though we are atleast talking about him… He should worry when we are NOT

        3 hours ago ·
      • Sjaoel Shooz Richardsonhmmmmz….so far he didn’t convince me that he can represent me….but then: to me he is definately not the onliest incapable politician…. he still got 41,5 months to prove me wrong….I am not looking to overthrow any government.

        3 hours ago ·
      • Wendell Moore‎@conquering lion when I refered to eduction I was simply putting the ball in his court again, reminding him of course, not to outsmart himself by the way he defended himself for the decision he made.because there are other things playing in his decicion making that everybody knows of. only time will tell.

        about an hour ago ·


Tell me, how does it feel? If it bothers you that people steal your “hard work”, and don’t credit you, then why do the same to others.

The local media, are taking info, scoops and stories from my blogs EVERYDAY, without a citation, or acknowledgment.


I upload more, fresher content, to a wider audience then ALL of the local media combined.

And if you don’t believe that, let me know the last time ANY of your major sources, pulled in 1 million hits over the weekend, or better yet. 5000 hits per hour to a blog or vlog.

I’m not the blogger to just randomly swipe info from, and not cite sources.

I site my sources no matter how incompetent, government bought and corrupt that they may be.

So dear local media.

Kindly find your own info, or site me.
That simple.

Now watch how I deal with this in the coming months.


Police patrols at various locations on the island, could be seen responding to a robbery report Thursday afternoon minutes after five 0’clock.Police spokesman Inspector Ricardo Henson confirmed that the robbery suspects escaped in the bushes opposite the Atlantis Casino in Cupecoy after their bid to escape was foiled by a citizen driving a jeep.

The citizen who saw the two robbers trying to escape on a scooter, used his jeep to ram the scooter and the robbers, sending them crashing to the ground.

In the process, the two shot-guns used by the robbers along with the money from the robbery, fell to the ground as well.

The robbers took off running and managed to elude the police and the K-9 Unit in the bushes. The escape of the robbers was aided by the deminishing sunlight and the darkness that grew in the thick of the bushes.

The police did however manage to confiscate the weapons and the money from the robbery.

No one was reportedly hurt during the robbery and an investigation has been launched by the detective department of the St. Maarten police force.

The initial report from the police spokesman Inspector Ricardo Henson which was recorded during the hunt for the robbers, can now be heard via PodCast.