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 Hello again, dear reader…

While I woke up today I thought about my car, and what idiotic heavy piece it is, the weight of it compared to what it does for me. A light car weighs a ton, 1000 kilos, that is 2200 lbs, a medium car 1100 lbs more, that is 1500 kg and a heavy one 2000 kilos and over! [Multiply kilo by 2.2 to get pounds.] Please realize what we are doing, we are dragging more than a ton of metal with us to get our body with a weight of about average 75 kilo from A to B! Realize how ridiculous this is! That we drag 15 to 30 times our own weight around to get somewhere. The heavier the car, the more gas we burn. That produces the dreaded greenhouse gasses that heat up the atmosphere, that melt the pole caps, that raise the sea level, make the polar bears extinct, drives the Eskimos from their hunting grounds and destroys low laying islands. It also changes the climate and hurricanes these years are stronger than those in our parents and grandparents times. I have been greatly troubled to learn this and used as small a transport as possible, that is to say: a 5 gear 125cc engine on two wheels, weighing less than twice my own weight, a mere 140 kg, a smart and fast going motorbike of Asian origine that carried me (and a passenger) with ease over any steep hill around the island. Untill an inattentive [surely intoxicated] driver in a big car hit me when I was standing still, waiting for traffic to pass. Now forever invalid I had to return to drive a 4 wheels transport of 1160 kilos with a 1600cc engine, dragging more than a ton with me wherever I go. More than 12 times of what is needed to transport me. This is disgusting. And it is still a moderate car, not a big SUV or pick up truck. See on the back of many vehicles the displacement, 1.6 is 1600cc, 2 liter is 2000cc, there are cars of 2800cc and more. That is crazy and a little, no very criminal, I will vote for the politician who will restrict the weight of vehicles on the island. In order to spend less on road maintenance, and environmentally conscious, in order to sleep quiet and know that I have done what I can for my world, my planet, for my children’s future. Tax vehicles by weight, and discriminate between a light and a heavy car, let carowners pay for what they do to our world, get real mister politician, wake up.

Just to let you know what [unconsciously] plays in my head: Before I woke up today I was abducted by three unknown men, who took me to the airport, gave me another name and a Swiss passport, then flew me in a small jet to an American airport, I have no idea where, and there put me on a plane to Germany where they left me alone. From the German airport I was to fly on to Switzerland. I understood from talk with the 3 goons that they were secret service and that I was an undesired entity and therefore deported, extraordinary rendered, so to say… Then I woke up and realized it was a dream.

Did it mean maybe  that I better shut up lest I get deported???

Chamba Chada


        Judy B
      • Read that………too bad because it is such a beautiful place, keep hoping things will turn around for them as well as us.

        Wednesday at 11:51am
        Mark E
      • Well, that’s why we’re here in this group… try and help make a difference and affect some change to level the playing field for timeshare owners on SXM. But it will take people to put forth the effort and provide their inputs, simply joining this group and following the posts is not enough.

        Wednesday at 12:32pm
        James C
      • when T.S. occupancy is down, consider what the Gov. looses in terms of minimum. a person with 4 wks.and travels with a family of 6. $50.per wk. x’s 4. $60.per person airport departure tax.x’s 6.= $560. now if you multiply this times the thousands of owners who were forced to abandon their units. you loose big money.

        Wednesday at 12:59pm ·
      • this is one reason it behoves this new govn’t to enact comprehensive timeshare legislation. MHO

        Wednesday at 1:00pm
      • ‎@James, I hope you’ve sent your feedback to Bruce Cameron 🙂

        Wednesday at 5:53pm
        James C
      • I intend to.I am perusing his 19 page document. I do not believe that the word assessment should appear in it. Especially since what we have been through at the atrium. Obviously, mr. Cameron is very knowledgeable, and is informative. The atrium decision was for a one time assessment and no more. I wouldn’t want this new legislation to circumvent this decision or open the door for future assessments for other resorts.correct me if I am wrong.

        Wednesday at 10:13pm
      • You better hurry up and submit your thoughts as Bruce has stated that he wants to finalize his proposals THIS WEEK!

        Wednesday at 10:18pm
      •  If you haven’t already, you should peruse the proposals and feedback that Gerard W Jr., Philippe L
      • and I have posted here and provided to Bruce. We have many critical differences of opinion with his thoughts and feel it is deficient in several key areas. His proposals are well thought out though.

        Wednesday at 10:22pm
      • On the subject of assessments, if I’m reading you right, I’m not sure I agree with you on that special assessments should be outlawed altogether in the legislation proposals. We do address this in our set of ideas.

        Wednesday at 10:24pm
      • James, we heard you all 6 times you posted your reply so far 🙂

        Wednesday at 10:25pm
      • Occupancy is down not just because the economy is bad, but because in the last several years about 18,000 timeshare owners have given up on SXM and moved on. Some did it as normal attrition but many, many left in disgust with being ignored by SXM.

        Wednesday at 10:48pm
      • actually you have heard from me 3 times. the 4th was a slip on the enter key of my IPad. i have owned at he Atrium since 96. in my opinion their was abuse of a special assessment at the Atrium and I will tell you why. the “new owners”one year after they (the prior sales dept.) purchased the controling ownership or 15% of the property.the Atrium was 85% sold out at the time. by doing so led to an exodus of about 35% of owners. the assessment was exhorbatant.

        Wednesday at 11:46pm
      • yes assessment (They are are not in my contracts) should be outlawed. especially when they are used as a venue to purchase a property, gain more units, and add to a points providers inventory. many good and decent people were forced to surender their units which they loved. from this action. I wouldn’t care to relive this period. page 5 of the document actuall talks to incentives for developers who operate a points operation who operate inthis manor.

        Thursday at 12:08am
      • Jim, I feel it would be most unwise to eliminate special assessments as the resort would or could suffer severally as in the case of a disaster. If you will take the time to review our proposals, we allow for special assessments with control in the hands of the timeshare owners, with all owners voting electronically. This process, which we define, would require special escrow accounts with open accounting and reporting to the timeshare owners. It requires a collaborative effort on the part of the developer and the timeshare owners. This would also allow the timeshare owners to request and fund special projects at the resort by a special assessment.

        15 hours ago ·


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In St Maarten,

any camera person will tell you,

that people have a way of stepping in front of their camera lens,

and then being offended when the person clicks.

If I realize that I am in a photographer/videographers way, I will turn my back to them,

or step out of the shot.

I was down at the government building, taking pictures of our Government Building along with other places such as the old parliament, which is leaking and falling apart, to the new parliament, which currently houses every Frontstreet addict.

Yes, the new Parliament Building (Old Caribbean Palm) houses drug addicts daily and nightly…….

but sssssssssssh

That will be our little secret.

Anyway the lady pictured above, I realize is probably somebody’s mother or grandmother,

but some people just love dramz.

Rather than walking into the government building,

she decided to ruin my shot, and “MOON” me!

So, of course I zoomed in with my lens.

The above pictures, of an older St Maarten/Anguillan woman “mooning” or flashing her butt,

is quite common in St Maarten.

Luckily for all of us, the lady decided to keep her drawers on,

because most don’t.



The only people, it appears who seem to be getting raises, are the ministers,

their kin, and friends.

For over a week now, there have been murmurs that even the price of bread was about to go up,

although everyone has been forced to pay “TOT” taxes.

Back in 1994 when I worked for Maho as a phone operator, I sat in air conditioning for 8-9 hours, and got paid $5.00 U.S. dollars an hour.

17 years later, Theo Heyliger, Sarah Wescot Williams, Kurt Ruan and many others are attending a ceremony for a new construction/drainage project in St Maarten.

The project is receiving according to sources, over 4 million Euros to be completed.

The wages for the hard labour workers, who are currently working 12 – 16 hour shifts, mid-summer in a tropical climate???



So the local hard labor worker, is making the same wages as I did 17 years ago, and 17 years ago, bread was 0.60 cents.

With inflation, no one expects the price of products to remain stagnant, but what about the wages of the workers?

The locals JUMPED at the opportunity to work at 5 dollars an hour in the hot sun, because their IS LITTLE WORK FOR LOCALS!

It’s not always about being lazy,

it’s about locals feeling empowered by the fact that they are St Maarteners, and they have rights!

Locals DON’T want to sign contracts given government 50% of their future earnings.

Locals WILL NOT want to pay ten thousand dollars cash to government officials, to get things done quickly and illegally.

Locals DON’T want to tolerate the conditions of the dreaded “6 MONTHS CONTRACT”.

I remember back in 1994, the government was all about getting rid of the 6 Month contract, which is basic indentured servitude for locals, and yet 17 years later, the practice continues…


Because mob money, is more important than locals feeding their families.

I was approached by two individuals, who are both LOCAL, and were just laid off ONCE AGAIN, by the hotel/casino that they haved worked for for 6 six years.

They explained that ONLY locals had been laid off, because foreign management thought that they were to difficult to deal with,

the demanded basic human rights.

If you are from St Lucia, and you come to St Maarten to work,

your employer can do whatever he wants to you.

Treat you in any manner, make you work illegally long hours, sexually harrass you……..

The list goes on.

It happens to locals to, but most know that they have the option to fight, or at least cause a disturbance.

Most won’t, because they don’t want to be involved in issues on the job, which can be a nightmare,

some won’t because there’s the fear of retaliation for whistleblowing,

and a few will…………..

And those are the few workers, that these foreign employers dread,

so there solution to the problem, is to get rid of all locals!

Keep them on 6 month contracts, so that they are always six months away from being jobless.

And as the government continues to take bribes from these large outside entities who decided to set up businesses in SXM,

St Maarten and its people continue to suffer.

As Ministers receive brand new automobiles, fully loaded, including corrupt VKS officers who were fired, as drivers.
And as your Ministers begin to transport and house their prisoners in “A BOX”.

As Ministers continue to take their chunk of 4 million Euros, as the local boys, bust their tails for $5 dollars per hour in the sun…

The media band played on…………………………………………….

Because where do you see this being reported ANYWHERE in the mainstream press?

They you read anything about it in the DAILY HERALD?

No! The Daily Herald’s job is to feed Pablum, and collect ad revenue.

The “Toilet Paper”, which is run by Richard Gibson, would love to do the same, 

but they’ve burnt to many bridges by using that inept and incompetent fool, Hilbert Haart

as an editor.

Yes, I know the man personally, and he is an unapologetic fool.

Who worries about bread going from $1.00 to $1.50?

Not your Ministers with the 10.000 Euro per month salaries, under the table grafts and bribes, and lets not forget the profits that they make from their “Government Owned Businesses”.

The people who care about these hikes, are the people making $5.00 per hour, OR LESS, which is the case most of the time.

Enough people have to get together in St Maarten,

and say


The Logic of Reincarnation and Why I Believe It! by A.A. Lourens


Why does History repeat? The answer could be reincarnation. The same souls keep coming back and basically doing the same things. The faces change; the vehicles change; the weapons change. But, people are pretty much the same.  


The universes oscillates; Alternating Energy is the nature of everything. Why not Life? Where is the logic that we do not return and live life after life? It is an illusion that we live our one life and that’s it.  





If point A is our birth and point B is our death, we have a Direct Current line that starts and stops. DC is not the presiding Force in the Universe. It is far more logical that Life alternates. That line between A and B is much, much longer than one mere lifetime. Our spirit is a cyclical wavelength. We return to the human condition because that’s life! (Electricity is Life: ask Dr. Frankenstein).  


Another way of looking at reincarnation is in the respect of pure energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. Life does not terminate at your death. Your body will die, but your soul will continue. (Haven’t you felt deja vu; that you’ve been here before?) Your spirit cannot be stopped. Energy can be changed, deflected and diverted…but not destroyed. There is always transition. There will be something else after this life is over. Life cycles.  


In the western world, we are not taught the reality of reincarnation. ’Lifecycles’ is not a concept that we study in school and the majority religions of our region definetly preach the opposite: we all have 1 human life. We should open up. Reincarnation is not a religion. Education systems steer clear of complex, philosophic subjects. In many eastern countries, living multiple lives would be a part of our education.  


When a person dies, there is very…very…very slight loss of weight to the body. The spirit has mass and weight, believe it or not. A light beam has weight (quanta) and so does your soul. This, of course, is news to you readers who do not believe in a soul.  


Why do you fear the things you fear? Reincarnation could be the answer. If you were killed a particular way in a previous life…that would be what you fear in this life. Heights, water, fire, closed-in-places, airplanes, guns; whatever is your fear. It might have been the way you died or were killed in past lives. If you had a traumatic death inside a green room; you just might have a queasy feeling whenever you enter a green room. Reincarnation explains so many of our deep feelings where we do not have a rational reason. When people are hypnotized and regressed into a past life, they often recall their tragic deaths. There is a reason for everything even if we do not understand it at the time.  


Ever meet someone and, for some unknown reason, you hate that person? The big R could be why. That person may have killed you or was your enemy way back then. The unconscious remembers. Ever instantly fall in love? The idea of a soul-mate could be explained by reincarnation. You are meeting that special person one more time and you just know it. All the people who are close to you in your life were probably close to you in your past lives as well. We are all intertwined with our adversaries and lovers throughout our lifetimes.  


Child proteges; those genius children who display great skills in a particular field, should make you wonder: How did they acquire all this talent? It is sensible that the brilliant Mozart lived before. Certain young musicians, mathematicians, etc…probably have tapped into earlier incarnations to be so skilled. It is not strange to think that Tiger Woods and Andre Agassi played their sports in a previous lifetime.  


Was Hitler Napoleon in a past life? Are Jesse James and Charlie Manson connected? Did Lincoln reincarnate into John Kennedy? That would explain the many parallels between the two.  


Obsessions could also be explained. Why is someone obsessed with the Civil War or World War II or the Russian Revolution? Those experts were there! {Why am I fixated with Atlantis?}. Reincarnation explains why people are fanatics about a particular subject or time period. You have heard people say they would rather live in Roman times or the Old West. Also…career-oriented people like the clergy, scientists, doctors and politicians were probably those professions in earlier lifetimes.  


One of the more fascinating and controversial aspects of reincarnation has to do with HOMOSEXUALITY. Reincarnation determines behavior. Why is someone gay? If you have lived 20 lifetimes as a woman and you happen to be in one of your few incarnations as a man, you would naturally be an effeminate man. And, the reverse is true. If you ask a gay person: How long have you been gay? They will tell you that they have always felt that way. It is not a choice. Homosexuality is not a disease; it is not catchy. You either are or you are not. Being gay or not being gay is determined by what you were in past lives. We have sooo many homosexuals in St. Maarten and if you are a friend of one of them you can clearly see they are not perverse or pretending to be something they are not… they are being themselves. Homosexuality could prove the existence of reincarnation.  


Why come back as the opposite sex? For that matter, why come back at all and live more than one life? The Life Experience is much more than we can possibly imagine. Life is not just one little life as one sex. We are to experience all facets of life. Life is not one link in a chain; it is the entire chain.  


We are the sum total of all our previous lives. It is why we are intimately connected with the full extent of human history. All that we have experienced before comes into play in the being that we are today. It is much more than just our youth that affects us. We also operate on the subconscious level. In the next life, you will be the sum total of all your previous lives plus the one that you are in now.  


Reincarnation is logical. There are many truths that fit in-between science and religion. Intelligent people tend to believe it because it is a higher/complex issue. Dummies tend to not believe it because they look at Life simply. Simple people say: When you die, you die. More sophisticated people know Life is more intricate than that. In fact, the more lives you have lived…the more intelligent you are. If you have not had many lifetimes…then you are not too swift.  


Try not to be influenced by illusion. A person may not be the age they appear. They could be much more mature, spiritually speaking, than their chronological age. You have heard the expression ’an old soul.’ A person may not even be the sex that they appear on the outside.  


Some people are turned-off to the idea of reincarnation because they think they come back as an animal. That is called ’trans-migration’ and it very rarely happens. Animals reincarnate as other animals, for the most part. Everything returns in its place. Your pet in this life quite possibly could have been your pet in a past life. We also are intertwined with our pets. This explains our bond with them. The soul grows, learns, expands and does not take quantum leaps backward.  


What happens at the end of your Earthly lives? Maybe, after we have learned and experienced all that we need to, we stop coming back to this planet. Maybe we move onto something else. Rather than being controlled and programmed, lifetime after lifetime, we then become a larger creature. Eventually, we become the programmer of our own afterlife. True or not; it is a nice thought; to be the one in control. 


We have been given the great gift of Life. Please, don’t take it for granted.  


      Chamba ChadaIt’s all very well and possible, and I have nothing against it, however, we can only be sure that we have this one live before death. The rest is speculation. I won’t lose time over it. Cheers.

      July 5 at 9:10pm ·
      Chenri Lourensi vibes you. i tought about it like tha couple times.

      July 6 at 8:23am ·
      Consuela Wong Fong Sangadherence to reincarnation implies higher intelligence?!?!

      July 6 at 12:08pm ·
      Chamba ChadaHigher intelligence??? I doubt it. There is knowledge and there is wisdom, where does intelligence fit in this scheme, and what is lower and what is higher intelligence??

      July 6 at 3:58pm ·
      Alston Alvarino Lourensno, i wouldnt say it implies higher intelligence at all… it implies we are not aware about the workings of our universe as much as we should be…

      July 6 at 6:38pm ·
      Chamba ChadaWhat is possible is kept secret, or at least hidden from the Matrix systems that reign. Find Liberation during life so that it may not pass you by at death.

      July 6 at 8:24pm ·
      Jurnice Richardson

      Well this is what I told my mom when I was just 6 years old. The question I posed to her after getting a flashback of my previous life was; mama what do you call a person who died and came back into a different body? It was funny cause all… she could do is look at me puzzled and then replied reincarnation! I looked up and said yes mama I am reincarnation which she corrected me and said reincarnated! Though I was a caucasian man in my previous life I enjoy being a black woman in this life only thing left is that I am attracted to caucasian men! hahahahahahaha Thank you so much posting this Alston, I enjoyed reading it again!See More
      July 6 at 9:08pm ·
      Chamba ChadaMy mother told me she was a reincarnation of a wise woman and used to fly the night sky on a broom!

      July 6 at 9:12pm ·
      Julian Lake

      Alston Alvarino Lourens the first thing that grabbed me is when you asked “why come back at all and live”…. yes, WHY? Isn’t there much more to experience in the universe as you say? Your theory is based on your logic. My logic tells me t…hat there are Billions of galaxy’s and star systems with earth like planets, so there must be “intelligent” life on these earth like planets, so why come back as an earthling at all? The 2nd thing is your statement in your comment above: “We are not…..should be”. This is a very true statement. And although our “logic” can lead us to certain conclusions, we are but a speck of sand in a desert. Things like “why I don’t like someone I never spoke too” could be attributed to a number of things, personality, friend circle (pre-programming) etc. This does not mean you killed my brother in a past life. I didn’t like your ass when we first meet on SP court, but we are basically brothers today… what happened? LMAO. 3rd, you liken “life” to electricity. AC or DC, + flows in one direction, – the other. If I may apply the eastern teachings of chakra, the universe has a yin and yang side. Both existing with the other (can’t exist without each other, matter and anti-matter) According to your theory, they would separate. But in essence, this is destroying the very fabric of the universe. So reincarnation might exist. But it’s very unlikely it does in the way we think it to be. We limit ourselves to this plain of existence when in fact (Scientific theory) there are multiply dimensions (multi-verse, look it up). My biggest question in this whole ordeal would be… WHY THE HELL DO I WANT TO COME BACK TO EARTH WHEN T HERE IS A UNIVERSE (or more) TO EXPLORE?? And I’m off to bed after I answer Conquering Lion.See More
      July 7 at 1:24am ·
      Jackie PiperThe bible says that everyone has to stand before God for their self.It is appointed unto man once to die after this is judgement.Solomon says in Ecclesiastes there is nothing new under the sun.There will be only one Alston.

      July 7 at 10:37am ·
      Chamba Chada

      A lot of questions that have no answers without deep meditation. I mean to say only when you have managed to cleanse your mind of all what you ever learned, emptied your brain and mind and soul like a garbage bin, only when you are as empt…y as a vacuum will the Universe provide the answers. And still then they will not be able to translate in words of a language you know. The truth is unspeakable, invisible, silence.See More
      July 7 at 10:40am ·
      Jackie PiperAlston u were made in the image and likeness of God .your spirit lives for ever your body decay it must return to ground from whence it came read the book of Job.The word of God has the answer to every question that you are asking it nis life in it self.

      July 7 at 10:48am ·
      Chamba ChadaOops, the word of god can not be read in no book or script. The word of god is heard in the mind/soul/spirit alone. It leads, guides. shows you itself. God is me, acts, speaks through me, God listens with my ears, sees through my eyes. Man created god in his image.

      July 7 at 11:03am ·
      Chamba ChadaAnd there are a whole lot of spirits, souls and ghosts helping get what it wants, from other gods like me. So many are needed to express itself, but it is time to see the bad we do. To stop making children is the way to success for all. Fewer we are, more comfort we will enjoy.

      July 7 at 3:58pm ·
      Chamba Chada There is only one thing to say about reincarnation

      July 7 at 5:57pm ·
      Chamba ChadaBest to find Liberation during the life time, than to have it pass by at the moment of death.

      July 9 at 11:35pm ·
      Ramis C

      dude I didnt know you into fringe science… anyway my 2 cents is simply this we have to ask these kind of questions if we want to get to the truth about this reality and how it works.. do i believe that I lived another life… no… but I …cannot dismiss it… for christ did say we were there in the begining when the world was created (if you believe that) so just from that one could assume that we lived previous livesSee More
      July 13 at 8:01pm ·
      Ramis Canother notion I like to help christians understand.. if you cannot accept the entirety of GOD then you cannot reach higher levels of awareness… GOD (or what ever you name it) is the source of all things good and bad… take a moment and ponder what that means

      July 13 at 8:05pm ·
      Chamba ChadaThe Universe contains all you ever need.

      July 13 at 8:23pm ·


What I wonder is this: Why recruit each and every youngster for a job in government? Are there really so many civil servants needed? What about outsourcing of certain government tasks (primarily administrative tasks)? What is being done to make it more attractive for businesses to hire locals (unskilled and skilled laborers)? Why is there not more diversity in education for our youngsters? Why is there not a “master plan” for the socio-economic landscaping of Sint Maarten in the (near) future?


It is sad to see that there is so much recruiting going on by government to have vacancies filled by our youngsters. In our opinion it is more desirable that our youngsters find jobs in the private sector and that government focuses on efficiency with limited resources. Do you want everybody with, for example, an accounting degree working for government? Which local with an accounting degree is then going to work in the private sector? I also believe that certain government duties can be outsourced. This is not being done to the fullest right now. In case it does happen, the project/duties most likely will go to a “consultancy bureau” from someone who has close ties with those in power.


It is also sad to see that there are so many laborers from abroad who can be hired, because they mastered a trade and our youngsters did not. We should create more diversity in our educational system and stimulate our youngsters to learn something else than “hospitality and trade” and “business administration”. We hardly have local doctors, pharmacists, craftsman (shoe repair, goldsmith, butcher, tailor, etc). Maybe we should have limited scholarships for certain studies to create a diverse group of professionals and introduce more laws on hiring local people.


The question is: Who will be working in what sector 25 years from now in Sint Maarten?


July 29, 2011 at 5:03 pm

Dear Ms. Judith ROUMOU,

Further to me calling you by phone this morning to set the record straight, please allow me also as a ‘defendant’, at least the right to give a reply.
After that, if deserved you can have ‘my head’.
First of all, Judith, as I told you personally by phone this morning, I highly commend you for having the courage to bring my integrity into question, based on the information you gathered from the media.
Honestly, I am very grateful to you for doing exactly that without hiding your identity; proves that you are woman.
However, Judith, as I told you personally as well, that I fear no man nor woman, including you Judith, nor Mr. Julian ROLLOCKS.
I also told you, that with all due respect, that your ‘facts’ are not exactly that.
While, I am more than prepared to face any ‘firing squad’ and to answer the most critical, difficult and even unfair questions, for now the following will suffice for now….
I never approached Mr. ROLLOCKS to write any book.
It was Mr. ROLLOCKS, himself who contacted me, on Wednesday, July 27, 2011.
Not knowing what he wanted, and not having been on ‘friendly terms’ with Mr. ROLLOCKS for almost 16 years, I did not feel myself too big to accept his offer for us to meet.
This took place at my home, which he visited for the very first time in his life.
From our discussion, it become very clear to me, that Mr. ROLLOCKS was very concerned about his legacy, where it had to do with his involvement in the ‘We fo’ We’ movement many years ago.
His main concern was that if we did not record our own shared past as ‘activists’, others would do so, not necessarily accurately.
I totally agreed with him and realized this many years ago, when Mr. ROLLOCKS was obviously preoccupied with other priorities.
While, it is his right to be concerned about his legacy, I totally agree with him, without apologizing to anyone, that we owe it to ourselves, our children and to the people of St. Maarten to document a very critical phase in the development of this island.
And yes, I emphatically state, that more than any other organization, the ‘We fo’ We’ movement has taken ‘social activism’ to a level as never before in modern history on the island.
Consequently, through its activities, the socio-political climate has changed and contributed towards government being forced at least to realize that people will not accept everything they do.
I can not deny the fact, that as far as the ‘We fo’ We’ movement and activities are concerned, that my legacy and that of Mr. ROLLOCKS are connected.
Writing history is about recording everything we recollect, also those parts, including people we might not like so much.
So, whoever thinks that the real (his)-’story’ about the role and impact of the ‘We fo’ We’ can be written without ‘connecting’ people like ROLLOCKS, JAMES, KROLIS, ROACH in particular, in fact would not be doing justice to history, nor to the people of the island.
What I certainly do appreciate of you Judith however, is that you in fact are concerned that I might allow whatever reputation I have built with a lot of sacrifices over the years to be ‘tarnished’ by others for whatever ‘ulterior motives ‘ they might have.
In response to this the following.
Have no fear, Judith !
While, the past of certain individuals might have been ‘tied’ by their collective involvement in certain historic events, how the individuals have decided to move on with their lives, is for their own account.
To be very clear.
As much as Mr. ROLLOCKS and myself were ‘connected’ in the past through the activities of the ‘We fo’ We’ foundation, Mr. ROLLOCKS is not responsible, for what I did with my life after.
Conversely, I Leopold JAMES do not accept one bit of responsibility for whatever Mr. ROLLOCKS might have done after as well.
The bottom-line is that we both are responsible to give an account to the St. Martin People, for our key-roles and involvement as social activists during the ‘We fo we’ era.
Withholding that information and taking it along with us to our graves would be a disservice, a betrayal and a crime to the people of the island.
Therefore, Judith, I would want to believe, that you too as a ‘modern-day’ activist, would want to read what hapenend during those days.
If not, you would not be worth your ‘salt’ as an ‘investigative-activist’ as well Judith.
In ending Judith, I honestly commend you for being a ‘social watch-dog’ ; the island needs that.
However, to become even more effective and credible allow, me to advise you to do the necessary research to validate your claims and accusations of others.
Meaning to also have the courage, and integrity to make corrections if and when needed; it will not diminish you, but rather build you even more.
Love you,

Leopold JAMES
Without apologies



Leopold James writes an article online, and the critique is scathing.


Because you cannot have a revolution, based on compromises.

Change and revolution, is about compromising THEM.

I saw today, that Mr James and Mr Rollocks, will be writing a book about the “We foWe” foundation, and I’m here to let them know, that not only will I happily contribute videos, photos and documents of Julian Rollocks’ illegal activities, and shenanigans while in government……………….I’m also writing my own book about Julian Rollocks, which I started doing in 2009.

When I spoke to Leopold James in 2010, he too became a character in my book about Julian Rollocks.

Leopold James, has to be in a biography about Julian Rollocks,

because HE created the Rollocks monster!

Mr James, you call yourself a man of change, while you team up with everything that’s wrong for St Maarten, when it’s convenient for you.

You wonder why no one respects you, and it’s because you have NEVER been here for the people of St Maarten,

everything that you have done has been for your own gain, and self glorification.

If you want to see someone who truly wants change, then maybe you should read my blogs more thoroughly.

You get your information about your “indigenous” people, from the likes of Hilbert Haar, who describes them as being “On the Block” doing all kinds of nefarious things, while they are actually out, trying to earn a living and support their families.

You wonder why the people are no longer with you, and that’s because they have realized Mr James, that you have NEVER been with them.

When was the last time, you sat down in any district, with any locals, like I do, and asked them what their problems and concerns were?

Leopold James YOU told me that Julian Rollocks was THE WORST MPC teacher ever!

So why are you now promoting this “teacher”, who never really taught a class?

Do you truly believe Mr James, that your “legacy” will improve, by teaming up with all that’s wrong?

By compromising yourself once again, and writing a book with a semi-illiterate?

How do you play with sh** Mr James, and not come out of the sty reeking?

My biography of Julian Rollocks, will be way more accurate than yours, Mr James.

I will quote you, and you opinions of Julian Rollocks.

It saddens me to see a once great man of change such as Leopold James join forces with the ones who’ve basically destroyed St Maarten, and its youth.

Whereas Leopold James might have lost approx. 75% of his support from the people before,

the percentages are now clearly in the upper nineties.

Leopold James, you will not be a sympathetic character in the biography of Julian Rollocks,

because you are a man who has NEVER truly stood for anything.

If you stand for something, you don’t compromise, and you just might get blows for it.

There are many highly intelligent, young professionals in St Maarten, who will be giving this “government” a run for their money in the next elections.

Rather than meeting with these younger folks, and mentoring them,

guiding them, advicing them…

you join up with your old demon creation.

Leopold James and Julian Rollocks,

are officially obsolete.

As the younger leaders struggle to better St Maarten,

the old beards who helped to destroy it,

will wander off, hand in hand

into the sunset.

Truly believing that they have accomplished something good in St Maarten.

I will be at the Border Point/Talking Drums facility this week, and next week

getting live video footage, of all those involved in that Children’s Foundation mess.

The Children will NOT lose out because of James’ and Rollocks’ greed.

Look in the mirror, Leopold James!

The great educator, now trying to assist in taking away an educational foundation, for profits.

Profits not just for you……

Profits from a children’s foundation to a man, who has looted St Maarten like a pirate for decades.

Look in the mirror Leopold James..

Who are you?

What have you become?

Why have you allowed yourself to be compromised in so many ways?

You stain your name,

and yet you complain.

When the “dumb” Black indigenous wouldn’t buy your b.s.

Much more blogging to come,

plus excerpts from my biography: Julian Rollocks: MR UNDERWEAR, FROM BELVEDERE.

The e-book will include new videos and photos.

The video documentary on Julian Rollocks is in the works: It’s called: Julian Rollocks “Me fo Me”.


10-10-10 (SINT MAARTEN)

by J B Gumbs on Thursday, July 28, 2011 at 3:28pm


When people ask me what i want to be i say a politician a leader to the people in the island of Sint Maarten but….

Let me say i will never taught that my home land will became so corrupted and the Government not making it any better you’ll got PARTIAL status from the Netherlands Antilles to be with the Kingdom of the Netherlands and now it’s not any different the POLITICIANS say there making a ring road project and building a water drains but there actually digging our graves deeper and my family paying so much guilders for GEBE but they still can’t upgrade the power plant… we calling our self a country but were acting like we still need help… most money for the island is coming from tourism as i learned in school but hows that working if the gangstas are all killing the tourist .. the VKS and POLITIE can’t control them and most of them joing them.. LORD WHAT HAS SINT MAARTEN COME TO.. 





MY FRIEND SAID TO ME ” Your island is violence behind its beautiness”


SHE REPLIED” NO! it’s a little brooklyn in fear”