MP Arrindell queries discontinuation of certain banking services

MP Arrindell queries discontinuation of certain banking services

Member of Parliament (MP) Akeem Arrindell has questioned the Government as he has concerns about how certain things are being handled within the banking system without regard for the people, the MP said in a press statement on Friday.

“Curious to why the sudden implementation of “No Cheques” at local banks, especially since banks are aware of many persons that are without bank accounts. How does our banking system expect people to continue their everyday lives without being able to get paid, or even make payments?

“Cheques were still one of more popular and safe ways for businesses to make payments, as the transaction fees associated with the cheque-based transactions were fixed and you can do any number of transactions without hassles. ACCORDING TO THE LOCAL POLICE BIBI SHAW HODGE CALLED THEM AND TOLD THEM JUDITH ROUMOU HAD A GUN. BIBI IS POLICE CHIEF PETER DE WITTE’S MISTRESS

“Now with online banking the fees differ from bank to bank with some having ridiculous fees for simple services. Although it is understood that many other countries have eliminated cheques, this was phased out over a period of time, not within just a few months.

“Our culture and practices are more Americanized than European and having said such, I would refer to a Powerful Country such as USA that still uses cheques. Here we are saying NO to cheques, are we that much more advanced than the USA?

“Our people have had no time to fully adapt and prepare for this. Even worse our banking system opens after 8a when 80% of our working force have started work, and now closes before they can get a lunch break and do a bank visit. What is really going on and what is the goal? Our people are already suffering and now to have no means of to access banking system it’s not good!

“What happens when internet services are down? Are we guaranteed to always have online access available? Serious things that should have been considered,” MP Akeem Arrindell concludes in his press statement.

MP Arrindell queries discontinuation of certain banking services

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