MP Heyliger Marten seeks update on legal position of justice workers

MP Heyliger Marten seeks update on legal position of justice workers

Chairlady of Justice Committee Member of Parliament (MP) Grisha Heyliger Marten, has sent a letter to the Minister of Justice Ana Richardson with respect to a motion dated June 30, 2021, related to the “rechtspositie” or legal status of justice workers.

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The letter dated July 25, 2022, reads as follows:

MP Heyliger Marten seeks update on legal position of justice workers

Honorable Minister Richardson,

In view of the fact that we are nearing the deadline to execute the motion that was tabled by

my person and passed by Parliament on June 30th, 2021, I am hereby following up with you on

the progress thereof.

Resolution 1

The last report to Parliament on this topic was that the “rechtpositie” issues related to
justice workers would be resolved by the ending of the first quarter of 2022. How has

this trajectory been concluded to enable the process for the retroactive payment to be

established? This question must be answered if the “rechtspositie” trajectory has not

been concluded.

Resolution 2

Retroactive payment calculations would have been completed by the second quarter of
this year, and that payments would commence the third quarter and be concluded in

the fourth quarter of this year. What is the current status of this process? Have the

calculations been made?

If the “rechtspositie” issues have not been concluded how has the payment calculations
and verification been handled?

Has the payment of the personnel commenced, and if so, which percentage has been
applied? If not, what is the reason for the delay, and what is the new timeline for


Has the budget revision made proven to be sufficient to cover the payments

Kindly indicate how the allocated budget is spent and/or will result in a budget
revision/increase in 2023 in order to facilitate payments, if these have not yet been


Looking forward to a prompt response to the above.


Grisha S. Heyliger Marten

Chairlady of the Justice Committee

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