Niet verrast om te zien dat het SXM police dept. wordt ondersocht voor het aannemen van smeergeld om voor Theo en Gracita te stemmen.

Wat me wel verrast , is dat iemand er feitelijk over schrijft.

Onze politie is het Goevernement voor een boel verschuldigd, incluis hun checks, en af en toe v raagt het goevernement om een gunst.

Ik hoop, dat de Hoallanders het onderzoeken, zo dat als de politie smeergeld emmer omkiepert ze niet alleen degenen die het omkoopgeld geven (Theo) arresteren, en degenen die het smeergeld ontvangen (jelui lage politie officieren),

maar ook all diegenen die bezig zijn de zaak in de doofpot te stoppen.

Het SXM PD, moet leren, dat het niet alleen de misdaad is maar net zogoed ook de doofpot.

De politie begaat misdaden, regelmatig duistere en ilegale bezigheden, maar er moet ook iemand daarbinnen zijn die de ze voor ze in de doofpot doet. Mensen lachen als ik ze over de illegale dingen die de SXMPD doet vertel,

want ze zijn zelf veel erger behandelt. Ik hoop dat alle politie agenten die hierbij betrokken zijns,

of in het verdoezelen ervan niet alleen hun baan verleizen maar ook de gevangenis in gaan.

Zij probene mensen in de gevangenis te stoppen en aan te vallen als ze iets doendat hen iet bevalt.

DEze omkoopbare ambtenaren zouden moeten worden gevangen gezet en gedwongen worden cellen te delen met diegenen die zij aanvallen terwijl ze door het goevernement worden betaalt. Ik ben bezig met een blog vrij van heiligschennis.

Hey, Keith!!!! Wat vind je van me? Er komt meer over SXMPD misdaden, misbruik en verdoezeling!!!


As St Maarten continues its downward spiral, rather than addressing the issues and concerns of the St Maarteners, they have spent all of their time, trying to shut down the messenger.

They sent their agents such as Antonio Brown, to The Today Newspaper, to lie, insinuate and slander, because name calling was supposed to stop what I was doing.

What has the local media done for St Maarten? First off, they are not local, so they really couldn’t give two hoots about St Maarten, or its people, because when the ship does sink, they can go back to their native countries.

There’s a term for it “and the band played on..”

It’s from that infamous scene in the movie, The Titanic, when the ship is sinking, and the captain, fires up the orchestra, to distract the people from the fact that they are all heading for a water grave.

The Today Paper hasn’t mentioned me, since they had a drunken Antonio Brown feed them lies, about stolen websites and blackmail.

In fact The Today Paper, hasn’t shown a shred of evidence for any story that they printed about me.

Hilbert Haar, in his infinite wisdom as an “editor”, had no problems telling lies, but then again, when has the Today Paper, ever been known for anything, other than being a platform, for hit jobs against anyone Dick Gibson, has a beef with.

Richard Gibson, owner of the Today Paper, created his paper, just for those purposes.

Julian Rollocks has always had backdoor deals with the Today, that’s why Hilbert was spending so much time pretending to be a “journalist”, and a “reporter”, when he was featuring Maria Buncamper on the front page everyday, but we know that Hilbert has never done an ounce of research, or verification in his life.

Julian Rollocks and his agents, which includes Mr Deepthroat GEBE himself, Antonio Brown, simply provided the info on the Buncampers, the same way he fed Samuel Allen the story.

It’s win-win for him and his cronies, The Today gets added revenue from ad space, and from selling out whenever there’s a new scoop on the Buncampers.

By the way, according to MY nearest, and dearest sources in government, Julian Rollocks is no longer “Sarah’s Boy”.

Maybe it’s the knowledge that her daughters pictures are still floating around, or maybe Sarah Wescot can no longer google her name, without it being associated with the felonious and sleezy, Julian Rollocks,

but lately Julian Rollocks has been on the French Stations, dissing Ms Wescot himself.

When Sarah Wescot Williams signed her “BD”, “Bright Day” contract with Julian Rollocks,

Julian brought along some of his favorite agents, Eldridge, Antonio, and Denicio Brison.

Big promises, and bigger dreams.

The motto was “stick with Sarah”!!!!

I guess until she stops feeding you, that is.

Sarah got good usage out of Julian, Eldridge, Denicio etc, and now they are no longer needed or wanted.

Must be a surprising position to find himself in right now…persona non grata.

I contacted the SEC and asked about Sarah visiting New York, and the explanation was clear….

they want Rollocks!

Well, they want to question him.

Have you noticed that Julian Rollocks is more unwelcomed in Dutch St Maarten, than I AM?

He needs to realize that the French do have internet, and the locals DO understand English,

they know how to “google search”, and they know that he’s full of B.S.

Billy Dee, had his little say about me, but Billy Dee knows that when we go to court, he can attest and testify,

that I was at his French Radio station working for Rollocks with the cameras,

and he was there when I asked if Loyola was Rollocks’ wife.

Now Billy Dee has gone on the defensive, which is always a bad idea.

If the French St Martiner is buying Rollocks’ advice….well they are doomed.

I am still waiting for those “receipts” that Hilbert Haar, claimed that he saw….”with his own eyes..”

Richard Gibson, know that he does not have skeletons in his closets, but cemetaries,

decided to take licks, for someone who has continue to discredit him, humiliate him, and expose him.

Richard Gibson, knows about his reputation in St Maarten,

Wife…..No wife, nobody is fooled.

They call it a “Borstje Boston Crab”,……..

a new term that I learned at Benny’s up St Peters.

So Mr Gibson, rather than throwing the kitchen sink at me,

how about you address what’s wrong in your life?

I’ll tell you one thing, Gibson, you must lead a very unhappy life.

If I were gay, I would be the loudest, proudest gay person you ever met.

Because I have to be myself, and no one and nothing can change that.

How miserable is Mr Gibson, that he has to live a lie?

How does that feel? Every day and every night nothing but aires and pretension, trapped in self loathing,  because of the way

that you were born, and rather than just living your life,

you spend your life trapped in a closet, lashing out at anyone who may or may not know.

They asked me about the Today article, and I explained, the Rollocks/Gibson connection.

And I explained Gibson’s own issues, and why he is so unhappy, and has to do what he does, with the use of his main tool Hilbert Haar.

Notice, how serious Hilbert Haar got when I mentioned the TRUTH about his paper?

Haar hasn’t mentioned me since, but that is not a done deal,

it will never be over.

Before Gibson allowed himself to be used by Rollocks, and sent Haar out with the hit, he should have considered the fact, that no one is sacred to me in St Maarten, except for maybe one or two.

Before Gibson started the slander campaign, he needed to realize that I will counter slander with truth.

According to the Today paper The FBI wants me, because I practice the fifth amendment right, but Hilbert assumes the local people are fools, just like Julian Rollocks, and that’s why he believes that he can say anything, and the Black fools will buy it.

Has Hilbert Haar published those $500 dollar receipts that I received for my work yet?

Has he shown proof that someone is suing me? Another lie, because I lived in the USA, you get processed and served,

I have been waiting diligently for my summons.

Hilbert Haar published as fact, that I took a website from Antonio Brown, and showed no proof…why?
Because it never happened, and they simply expect the local Black man to buy their smoke and mirrors.

Is anyone ever going to ask Hilbert Haar to present some evidence, as to all of the slanderous statements made about me?

When I blog, and make statements, you best believe that there’s video, audio, email, documentation to prove it……..

As the ship sinks, and people continue to feed and buy into this whole “terrorist” b.s.,

they forget that the once great ship called “St Maarten” is sinking.

The politicians are commiting crimes against their own people.

Criminals are being released rather than being deported.

The government has heavily taxed everything, including food, and forbidden the vendors from letting the local person know, that the price hikes are simply additional revenue to make the government and their own richer.

The police, who have never been known for their intelligence, continue to accept bribes and grafts, and St Maarten sinks further.

How can the St Maarten police dept stop crime, when they organize it.

According to the Police Dept, something is wrong with me, because of HOW I write my blogs,

when there are a host of bonafide, mentally unstable people on the police Dept, and they all carry guns.

In the United States, police officers have to pass a battery of mental health examinations, before they can wear a uniform, or carry a gun.

So who are the police to question ANYONE’S capacity, when half of the Curacao crazy house works with them, and carries a gun?

I would gladly go up against any of those individuals, and test right along with them.

There’s no way on earth, anyone can leave a mental institution in the United States, and become a police officer.

There’s no way, anyone can have drugs in their system, and remain a police officer.

It’s easier for the police dept, to call names and drop words rather than addressing their own issues.

Everyone in St Maarten has a local “cop” story,

whether it’s the married ones, who bend down on a regular basis, while their clueless wives smile on,

or the ones shaking down the foreign merchants and taking grafts.

The police who are rogue and for hire, by anyone who is willing to pay them anything to intimidate local civilians.

The police beating down, and abusing their women and wives’ and getting away with it, because where is she going to run to???

Safe Haven?

For too long, the St Maarten Police dept has gotten away with activities, from womens abuse, to child abuse, kidnapping, stealing, drug use, protecting criminals and more.

The St Maarten Police Dept get away with crimes because they are in uniform.

The fact that the boat is sinking, and the government and the police continue to commit crimes, cover up and conceal information, should not surprise anyone,

the fact the St Maarteners continue to welcome this abuse, should be surprising.