Audit Committee on police calls for an improved communication with public

St Maarten Government News


SATURDAY, 27 JULY 2013 00:16

PHILIPSBURG–Improved communication between police and the public and the establishing of the legal status of police personnel were among the recommendations of the Audit Committee Report (Visitatierapport) on the police force, which was presented to Justice Minister Dennis Richardson on Friday.

Richardson said the public can be assured that all efforts will be made to ensure that the recommendations are executed. He said the recommendations are “good” and they have his full support.

“You can count on me to using all possibilities and energies that I have to see to it that the recommendations made in the report are executed and carried out,” Richardson told reporters shortly after receiving the document at the ministry.

He said the police force is the first and only organisation that has been audited in this manner since St. Maarten became a Country in the Dutch Kingdom on October…

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