Theo Heyliger is going to have a very difficult time having the Buncampers investigated, when it has been proven that not only his he fully involved in all of the behind the scene, land scams. He has played a major role, and should/will also be investigated.

Sarah Wescot Williams, Roy Marlin, Julian Rollocks and Theo Heyliger ran their own scams, and used and manipulated Michael Fowleer and SMHDF funds, for their own avaricious purposes.


Note that Sarah said in that now infamous email: I hope that this nail her (marietje) AND him (Theo)

Nail them for what Sarah? I see you grinning next to Theo on the cover of the Daily Herald….

Everybody lined up………

digging their own graves.

There’s Dito, of USONA, who will have to be investigated and questioned about all of the funding received from government officials from USONA. The emails confirm that Julian Rollocks and Sara Stone managed to get a lot of funding out of USONA, and most of the money went to Julian Rollocks.

Next to Dito is Sarah Wescot Williams…

The leader who has said:

“This is a crazy house!”

“The war is on!”

“All the shit will come out now!”

Sarah said all of this when Marietje decided to fight the charges, and take down everyone involved with her.

Are those the words of an honest, ethical individual?

Or are those the words of a sly, backstabbing, corrupt, greedy con artist, who’s about to be exposed?

Next to Sarah, is Lenny Priest, grinning like the dirty, corrupt house-nig that he is.

Lenny Priest (my cousin) spent a lot of time conning SXMer’s until they finally kicked his ass out, but he’s trying to make a comeback, so he’s back in bed with the devil. Lenny Priest needs to stick with his Oasis Restaurant, and all of those underage girls. You are obsolete Lenny!

Then we see our Power-bottom Frankie Meyers, who is currently in court fight T. Priest on MORE LAND issues. Frankie Meyers, it has been proven, is certainly not his own man.

Why is it that whenever these government officials attain a certain status, they start bending over and taking dick?

Or maybe they bend over first, then they are given whatever “position”, for assuming the position!

There’s Minister Theo Heyliger, Mr Spring Garden!

Theo cannot have anyone investigated, because he’s always known, and he’s always been involved.

Theo’s only questions were: how can I get some of this property to my assistant, and a few friends….

And…..I will go along with ANYTHING, as long as Sarah supports the 100 million dollar funding, for St Maarten’s own “Bridge to Nowhere”.

They are trying to use 1950’s Wathey, “smokenmirrors” tactics, but they have been left so far behind in the digital age.

Theo Heyliger is complicit and involved in all/most of these land deals.

The emails prove that

He was in charge of the whole land thing in 2008, and it clearly shows him wheeling and dealing along with the rest of them.

To be continued…………………

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