Julian Rollocks had so many wonderful things to say about me in today’s papers, that I felt the need to speak to an expert, a police officer that is. He read all about me being a criminal etc…but still no arrest. Even if there are NO laws in St Maarten to stop me Mr. Rollocks, there are certainly laws in the United States against internet terrorism. If the FBI wants me, why doesn’t the police dept of St Maarten, extradict me into their custody, so that I can be prosecuted for my crimes???? If you click on the FBI link, it will take you DIRECTLY to FBI (Federal Bureau Investigations) office, in Langley, Virginia…

and you can begin the extradiction process.


That’s one thing no one is saying in the slander campaign against me, if I’m wanted…..Turn me over to the people that CAN throw me in jail!!!

So I sat around….

and waited to be extradicted,

turns out in real life, in a court of law,


you have to show up with actual evidence.

Now I have tons of evidence Mr Rollocks,

You can sue for defamation of character,

for character assassination,

get the court to order me to apologize and retract my blogs,

but you can’t sue,

cuz everything I”ve written is true….

Enjoy the photos, Hilbert Haar, and the rest of the posse.



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