How many mistresses does Julian Rollocks have?

I don’t know, and I don’t think he knows.

Everyone remembers that back in feb-march 2010, a certain “newspaper” carried headlines about a certain J.R. vs. another J.R.

If you have a memory like mine, then you’ll remember that one of the issues that the blogger had with J.R. was that his “ho’s” were leaving love notes all over his Facebook profile.

When I say ho’s….it’s just slang, it doesn’t mean anyone is soliciting anyone for anything.

It’s a short and efficient title and description of many of these ladies who commented………..

but not all of the ladies.

I communicated with several of the mistresses,

and they contacted me,

I did not contact them……

nor did I pretend to be anyone, I let them know that the were speaking to the blogger who has been posting the emails.

Some of these women are skanks, and ho’s but many did not know that he was married.

Many did not know that they were manipulated and lied to,

so yup,

the blogger has connected with the mistresses behind the scene,

and I’ve promised confidentiality, and I will not go back on my word,

and if any of them need to correct anything that’s been said, they can contact me,

some have informed me already, when they feel a blog is mis-titled etc.

So expect more email blogs directly from the he/she’s in Rollocks’ life 🙂

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