Masked, armed bandits robbed the Man Chung grocery store on L.B. Scott Road last night, unfortunately I was at the store when the robbery took place. One masked man, dressed fully in black with a black hood over his face, entered the Man Chung Grocery store, and started pressing the keys on an unoccupied cash register. As he took money from the register, another armed and masked assailant entered on the right side, and started for the second register which was occupied by the Chinese cashier. The robbers walked through two Sheriff security gaurds to get to the register. The cashier panicked and started yelling in Chinese. A struggle ensued between the first assailant and one of the security guards. The second robber managed to get the money from the second register, and they both fled. Both men were carrying what appeared to be rifles, but according the packer, who stood at the door, they were pellet guns and not actual rifles.

As the two assailants fled on foot, the police showed up in a truck within seconds. The police asked the security guards from without getting out of the truck for a description of the assailants, the security guard tried to tell the officer someething else, and the officer interrupted him in a rough tone, and asked for the description.

“They wore all black”, the security guard told the police officers who sped off into traffic towards St Peters, to get around to the John Larmonie school where they had fled by foot, between the Sister Magda School and The St Maarten Academy, towards the B.B.O . (Prins Bernard school).

Traffic congestion hindered the progress of the first police squad truck, but soon after other squad cars showed up, one heading to block the path between the Sr. Magda School and The Academy.

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