Two Chinese supermarkets were robbed again in St Peters yesterday, and there are conflicting stories as to whether the police caught the right people.

“Attas” S. and Jevon M. identified in the papers as A.S. and J.M. both of Haitian descent , were arrested yesterday in St Peters for the recent slew of robberies, but according to our EYE WITNESS sources, the leader hid under the “Tibo” bridge when the police initially shot in the air, and thus got away.

Both owners who were robbed yesterday, were interviewed this morning, and the the statements given by the Chinese victims and the local eyewitnesses are the same, but significantly differ from the police accounts given to the newspapers.

According to Chinese eyewitness 1, a Black male wearing a white shirt, jeans, and white slippers walked in with a gun and demanded money. She recognized him as the SAME person who had robbed them before. When he received the money, he LEISURELY WALKED-DID NOT RUN, out of the supermarket. When he left, she watched him walk away, up St Peters Rd, towards Ho’s Supermarket.

She called the police and told them to go to HO’s supermarket FIRST, since it was the same robber, and his M.O. (Modus Operandi) was always to hit St Peters Supermarket first, and then Ho’s. She told the police to go straight to Ho’s but they did not listen, and came to the scene of the original robbery (St Peters Supermarket) instead. She said because the robber did not run, and instead WALKED to Ho’s Supermarket, the police should have caught him.

The second Chinese eyewitness, was at the second supermarket, Ho’s.

Like the first eyewitness, she said, that the robber was wearing a white shirt, and jeans.

After he had robbed them, he once again WALKED out of the store, and turned into the alley next to Ho’s Supermarket.

The pictures above show not just the businesses that have been robbed in 2012 already, it also shows the path that the robbers took, after the second robbery.

The police then arrived by car to Ho’s Supermarket, and according to at least SIX sources, were as close as 3 METERS behind him.

Eyewitnesses believe that the police actually allowed the leader of the robbery to get away initially.

When they fired the warning shots….  THEN he began to run.

You can see the fence that was jumped in the above photos.

The police jumped the fence behind him.

Here’s where eyewitness and the police story really diverge.

According to BOTH BLACK AND CHINESE eyewitnesses in St Peters, the police fired two shots in the air,

and told him to “GO”!

They said that the police were less than 3 meters behind the robber, as he casually walked down the alley, and all the police had to do was drive the 3 meters, and catch him.

Instead they shot warnings into the air, which initiated the pursuit.

Eyewitnesses who know the robbers talk about when the shots were fired, THE LEADER, “buss out”, and hid under the “Tibow” bridge,

which is a little area known mostly in St Peters.

What we know as fact, is that there is a “clique” involved in these robberies.

Everyone in St Peters seem to know who these robbers are, and it is more than two people, and the two people caught are simply a brick in an elaborate larceny wall.

St Maarten is small, first of all they did not even wear masks yesterday,

and second, since the first robbery…..

which was at “Maggies”, also pictured above

EVERYONE in the St Peters, South Reward area knew them because, locals don’t identify other known locals by their faces,

they are identified by their WALK.

The clique has a hideout, and it was not that place on Apricot that they kicked in yesterday.

The guys arrested yesterday were held mostly for the marijuana, and drug paraphenelia found,

because they are not the “big fish”.

The “clique” consists of at least six people,

so we’ll see how long it takes to police to figure it out.

Much more as the story breaks………………..

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