The National Alliance, want to call a meeting with Theo Heyliger, to discuss questions concerning GEBE, whether The Emperor Theo actually shows up to answer questions, will be interesting.

Theo Heyliger has been trying to get past the supervisory board, and into GEBE for a long time now. For a long time Theo Heyliger and family has has a large cut in everything SXM, except for the local power company, GEBE.

Now that Saba and Statia are one of the BES islands, the separation of GEBE St Maarten, from GEBE statia, saba, not only allowed Saba and Statia to break free of the SXM yoke, but it gave Theo Heyliger the opening he needed to rid GEBE of the supervisory board, and finally make his dictatorship complete.

A few months ago, Mr Lambert of GEBE told me that it was not possible to get rid of the supervisory board at GEBE, but as Mr Lambert has now learned, anything is possible in a fascist state, if the great fascist leader wants it.

St Maarteners it appears have no perception of patterns,

everything Theo has put his hands on,

has worsened exponentially.

The Boardwalk is dead at nights, due to crime.

The Harbour is falling apart, and they’ve got their hands out for that.

The Airport is a disaster, and the person Theo put on the board there, still has an upcoming courtdate, concerning the Per Diem mess, and members of government dipping into unauthorized funds.

The lagoon, where he was supposed to bilk approx. 100 million dollars from the Dutch Government a.k.a. his slavemasters, and the local taxpayer, to build a bridge to nowhere, no longer really exist, because if you check the pond, and the lagoon, BOTH are being filled to the point, that they are no longer a pond, and a lagoon. They are bilgy swamps.

The road construction projects are a joke, and you can expect daily photos and updates of our scheming government’s construction scams going on, especially in the Colebay area, where to plan to restart the construction within the next few days.

Why is Theo even allowed to have any say at GEBE?

Theo Heyliger, is one of the least qualified people in government,

his only qualification, is that he is Claude Wathey’s grandson,

how long will we allow him to make decisions,

which continue to destroy St Maarten?

How long will Theo be allowed to destroy St Maarten?

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