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Maria Buncamper Molanus was set up to take a spectacular fall in 2011,

and she did. The question is….

Is she going to take the fall alone?

Or is she going to drag everyone under the bus with her?

The one thing everyone agrees on, when it comes to Maria Buncamper, and her husband, Claudius “Toontje” Buncamper, is that they are very vindictive people.

Just about everyone who’s current in St Maarten political warfare, is aware that Maria’s at the time boss, now Prime Minister Sarah Wescot Williams, and her then advisor, Julian Rollocks, were the ones who initiated the stealth attack on the Buncampers.

According to the emails, after Louis Laveist went down, it was just a matter of time for Marietje. Julian Rollocks contacted onland, and online media sources, and under the guise of “anonymity”, and in exchange for buying ad space, from these online media sources, the “Operation Marietje” began.

Using agents such as Antonio C. Brown (for the online campaign), and Eldridge Van Putten (for the onland campaign), Sarah and Co had a field day stomping on Marietje.

Samuel Allen of SXM news was contacted via email, by Julian Rollocks, and in what appears to be a quid pro quo deal, traded adspace, in exchange for an incendiary letter posted by Julian Rollocks, under the alias “Gylkes Leonard”,

Sarah and Co, then found the island’s most disreputable, and unethical newspaper, The Today Paper”, known to locals as “The Toilet Paper“, and fed their convicted criminal editor, Hilbert Haar TONS of information.

There were many reasons given, for the “Operation Marietje”.

According to emails between Prime Minister Sarah Wescot Williams and her then advisor, Julian Rollocks, Marietje, Theo Heyliger (who was then with the National Alliance) and Frans Richardson, were planning to form their own party,

this was doubly offensive to Sarah, who had cleverly used a loophole clause in the legislation, at risk to her party’s own standing, to save Marietje from prosecution, involving another scandal.

Julian Rollocks was mad at Marietje, because he had been running an illicit snack bar, which she Marietje had had shut down.

When Sarah hired Julian Rollocks as her advisor, SHE NEVER ANSWERED HIS EMAILS, a mortal sin to Mr Rollocks.

They were mad at Toontje, because he was making waves, about a church that had been built illegally in Belvedere.

When I briefly did my work, for Rollocks, Marietje Buncamper was only refered to as “cancer”, and a racist, who’s running to the prosecutor, had led to Louis Laveist’s downfall.

The court case, should be this year,

and the question will be…………

Will Marietje take the whole crew down with her?

Stay tuned


  1. Maria and Toontje are good for Sint Maarten. Maria’s interest in Sint Maarten is from the heart, sure she makes moey, but don ‘t all polititians I say it is jealousy and petty. She has always done good things for the people of Sint Maarten, she’s not in jail some of the others, that were caught red handed in payoffs, etc.

    Sint Maartener’s have to confused about the Partys, Orange to Green, etc. One is head of one party and another was with one parety and left to go to another Party (Theo) I’ve stated before on this very same blog that until all of those in Government are related (Probably incest as well) things will never change until their is a new order of a younger generation without carrying baggage from the past.

    I Love Sint Maarten and consider home, but like the U.S.Congress and Senate and our balless President we all need to do some house cleaning.

    Larry C.Geer

  2. Louis Laveist’s downfall was from taking bribes, I personally saw him take envelopes from Resort Managers on work papers for so called foreigners.
    Sorry Louis, but wrong is wrong!

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