1. for quite a while now , I follow u and ur pix..Honestly I think most people will just shrug their
    Sxm my home 4 30 years , so plse:::::: I CARE….As u reach so many people :::
    Say something POSITIVE , instead of telling and repeating how shitty things are.
    Thanx a bunch.

    • these photos let people know not to get caught in traffic or in alternate routes, people especially on Facebook
      like to see the photos so that they know what roads to avoid, so doctor…..heal thyself 🙂

  2. of course it is plenty easy to just write a bunch of stuff. Plenty easy to just complain , but in order to come accross in a positive manor , I would suggest a change of ANGEL [hoek]
    Link up with me , and I will be so happy to lend a helping hand.
    Love yeh all.

  3. people do not follow u minute after minute , so can not use use ur traffic directions. They are drivung their car , and then HOW do they take advantage of ur directions

    • what exactly do you know? do you receive comments, we receive hundreds of comments daily, with feeds running to over 100.000 people. How do you know what their comments are? what do you know about the St Maartener? We do have internet, and I believe you are in Holland, so you’re just pulling negative comments out of your ass, and now you want a response. Weren’t you the guy who wrote last month, that you would NEVER be back on my blog? but here you are. SO do you read the data, statistics, and insights? Do you know who my audience is, and how they respond? Are you aware that we have thousands of subscribers?
      Really you’re PMSing today, cause it’s the end of the month, but that’s not my fault,
      take some Midol or Pamprin, and sit on a soft cushion. Happy New Years!
      For someone who hates my blogs, you certainly are on in more than I am.

  4. lived , loved and worked over 30 yrs on sxm’s rock, and No , I am not the one who told U that he would never be back on ur blog.
    I still have to meet the first driver with a laptop on his or her dash , so that ur pix can help in deciding where to go to avoid traffic jams and or potholes.
    Also try to avoid being gross and using foul langage. Or are all ur hundreds of thousand of followers cut of the same cloth?

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