According to sources close to the “bling bling” murders investigation, the group currently being held, were not caught because of any type of investigation by our police dept. but by people speaking carelessly.
The source continued, that the only person involved in any type of crime was the suspect who was initially caught on the border, and since HE was the only one committing the crimes, then he should take the fall himself.
This person strongly believes that the people who were picked up during the “Vesuvius” raids, will be let go, because their is NO evidence tying them into any of the criminal activity.
The police did very little investigating, and instead relied on “BB” messages, and word of mouth on the street, to put together a case, which is flimsy at best.
The source was confident, that the suspects being held in the “Vesuvius” raid, would be let go in the following weeks, due to lack of evidence.

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