After the Gypsy murders, rapes, kidnappings etc, Minister of Justice Duncan’s master plan, was working out a deal with the illegal gypsies, most of whom are residing illegally on the island.
A gypsy can steal a car, run passengers, and face no reprecussions in St Maarten.
Everyone has to earn a living, but there are rules and regulations, including the fact that your car has to be inspected and insured.
Local Taxi drivers and Bus drivers pay exorbitant amounts of money to keep their busses and cabs running.
They pay taxes, for inspections everything.
Gypsies tend not only to be illegal aliens, on the hustle, they also tend not to have ANY papers, insurance or documentation on the vehicles that they drive.
So if you are in a gypsy, and there is an accident, whether you are dead or injured, expect the gypsy driver to quickly flee the vehicle, and leave you there.
There are numerous safety issues, and the nightmare of the murdering Gypsy drivers have already occured…
How many did those gypsies kill?
Was it three people?
That makes them serial killers, in an island this small.
How many did they rape?
Roland Duncan shows is illness, and his inability to do ANYTHING right, by wanting to negotiate with these illegals,
when he won’t give local and/or legal drivers the time of day.

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