pelican workers are elated: photo judith roumou
Simpson Bay/Pelican Resort has been ordered by the courts to stick to the labour agreement.
In an upset victory in court yesterday, attornies Van Sambeek and Le Poole prevailed, and the judge demanded that Simpsonbay/Pelican do the legal thing, which led some supporters of the Simpsonbay management team to “drop words” about a closure of THE ENTIRE Simpsonbay Resort.
No, it is no secret that Tamara Leonard, Janchi Leonard’s daughter was profiting off of the firing of the permanent workers, and the hiring of the replacement workers.
That’s just St Maarten politricks.
Jules James, was no where to be found in yesterdays fracas,
so there was some hope, that he might have found his conscience.
Turns out, he was afraid of the reaction of the verdict, since it got out of hand at the last court battle.
This story will continue,
as we continue to speak to the Pelican workers

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