kendall dupersoy

Kendall Dupersoy
‎Olivier Arrindell, do me a big favor .. don’t be posting negative shit on my pictures i post them. Feel free to comment on how they look but disrespect will not be tolerated and I will simply delete your comments. Thanks in advance.
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Sharmilla Gumbs noooo, no history lesson, Olivier. Take deep breaths. leave it alone.
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Yahaira Kuiperi Should I dare ask where this “truth” comes from?
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Lita Salomon Oh sweet St. Maarten Land…….your cows and sheep and GOATS!!!!!
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Olivier Arrindell go on line its all there google the dutch royal familyt
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Carrol Burgundy-Benders Kendall thanks for sharing the pics. I was just as happy to see my SXM people faces as the Royal Dutch family faces.
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Kendall Dupersoy OK Ollie – now you force me to reply … Prince Clause was never a member of the Nazi party … he was at the age of 10 years old part of the Nazi Juegd. This was before the period that Hitler started killing Jews. In fact Claus family ended up running from Germany because they didn’t agree with Hitler’s methods.
As far as Prince Bernard, there is no proof that he ever belonged to any Nazi party. The Secret Bilderberg group is a conspiracy theory just like saying Jay-Z and Beyonce belong to secret Illuminati group. Might be true might be false.
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Kendall Dupersoy ‎Olivier Arrindell, you know that the internet is a medium where anyone can post anything right. You can’t believe everything you read.
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Arthur Ernest Bowers Fact: The Dutch Royal family comes from german ancestry. Bernard did host the first meeting in Hotel Bilderberg in 1954. The pictures are nice. OA don’t post anything KD does’nt want on HIS pictures!
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Kendall Dupersoy Just like some people make websites claiming they are succesful millionaire businessmen when inactuallity they don’t have two cents of their own money to scratch their ass.
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Olivier Arrindell kendall you are lost to every thing Black
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Carrol Burgundy-Benders Kendall, I got you :). But can I please ask if you got more pics to post, I might see my friends and family in them. They could say what they want about the royals, they still going fly in their private planes and live lavishly.
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Olivier Arrindell Thanks Arthur Ernest just trying to get the lost people to find there way
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Arthur Ernest Bowers OA make your own post, this way you can post to your heart’s content!
November 3 at 5:30pm · Like · 2.

Olivier Arrindell ok
November 3 at 5:31pm · Like.

Kendall Dupersoy True Arthur Ernest Bowers – Claus is from German ancestry but so are 100’s of European families that doesn’t mean they were Nazi’s and even if they were. what does that have to do with my pics of a Queen and her son, 100 years later.
Olivier Arrindell – I don’t see this as a black white issue but your comment speaks volumes about your frame of mind.
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Kendall Dupersoy Nobody goes to Olivier Arrindell page. LOL
November 3 at 5:31pm · Like · 3.

Olivier Arrindell your should see how much people sow my post
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Lita Salomon Please do us all a favor Kendall…….I don’t think I need to elaborate on that 😉
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Arthur Ernest Bowers Wilhelmus van Nassau was the patriarch of the Dutch Royal Family and he was German, So they are a German family, I have never seen proof that Claus or Bernhard were Nazi’s.KD you’re right ALL the European Royal Families are inter bred from the Russian to the british to the Austrian/German, Spanish. This was a way to prevent conflicts.
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Olivier Arrindell show me were Black people fit in in this. we were these people slaves
November 3 at 5:38pm · Like.

Solange Apon Lolololololololololol!!! @ Whoopie….”schooier”, dat heb ik in geen jaaaaaaaren gehoort..hahahahahahaha!
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Arthur Ernest Bowers OA, first I believe we are off topic, secondly, none of us here now were ever slaves, our ancestors were however, the royal family to my knowledge never owned any slaves, we can however blame their ancestors for allowing those atrocities to take place but they are not alive anymore. By blaming the present Royals we only demonstrate that we are not evolving and still lack proper reasoning. I myself have never been in favor of any Royal family or class difference for that matter but there are those that take enjoyment in it. Save your comments for your page.
November 3 at 5:48pm · Like · 4.

Valya Pantophlet AMENNNNNNNN!!!!
November 3 at 5:55pm · Like · 1.

Olivier Arrindell My ancestors are the first representation of me
November 3 at 5:56pm · Like.

Joaquimina Jade M Amen kendell
November 3 at 6:11pm · Like.

Sharmilla Gumbs oh Lord…
November 3 at 6:12pm · Like.

Anjolie Carty Love it Mr.Bowers; goes to show education is key 😉
November 3 at 6:28pm · Like · 1.

Yoainna de Lain Thanks u cuz.
November 3 at 6:37pm · Like.

Yoainna de Lain Thanks u cuz.
November 3 at 6:37pm · Like.

Conquering Lion KD has a right to say what ppl post on his page. However, comma OA did spit the facts. The Bilderberg is no conspiracy KD. It is a conglomeration of top government officials (heads of state, monarchs, government agencies) who meet SECRETLY once a year. Why would these people be meeting in secret. Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, and yes, Queen Beatrix usually attend these yearly SECRETIVE meetings where the press are barred from reporting on it. Prince Bernhard was a major player in putting this NEW WORLD ORDER group together. FACT NOT FICTION. Being part of the Nazi party (youth or not) is nothing new. Queen Elizabeth’s husband Prince Philip’s family also had links to the Nazi party. Lastly, the current Pope Benedict was also party of the Nazi youth just like Prince Claus. When Beatrix was about to marry Claus, there was outrage in Holland due to Claus’ links to the Nazi party. This is not about the internet and random postings…..this is about research from various UNCONNECTED sources with EVIDENCE!!
November 3 at 7:49pm · Like · 2.

Sharmilla Gumbs Wow! Well, kept secret. And d whole world knows about it. They aren’t so good at keeping it a secret, though. Lol
November 3 at 7:52pm · Like · 1.

Conquering Lion The whole doesnt know about it. If they did, ppl wouldnt be lining up at Juliana on their hands and knees to glimpse the dragon named Beatrix.
November 3 at 7:59pm · Like · 2.

Arthur Ernest Bowers What people should always realize is that we, the “former” colonies, have made the Royal familie into one of the richest in the world. Without the Antilles, Suriname, Indonesia and south Africa they would not have been able to get to where they are today. The amazing thing is that the approval rating of the Royals traditionally has been just as high or higher than in Holland it self. Kinda makes you wonder…….
November 3 at 8:07pm · Like · 2.

Arthur Ernest Bowers But enough of this, Kendall the pictures are nice…
November 3 at 8:08pm · Like · 1.

Kendall Dupersoy ‎Conquering Lion – look at the level of your post and if you saw the post of OA before I removed it. His was inflammatory and pregidicious. We as a people need to stick to the facts and teach the facts and not try to turn our children into white people haters. I don’t blame the current white raced for slavery which doesn’t mean I don’t think racist white people don’t exist.
Arthur Ernest Bowers – I hear you and agree 100%. most European countries are where they are today economically based on exploiting the resources of Africa and the Caribbean. In fact the exploitation continues today.
November 3 at 8:20pm · Like · 2.

Conquering Lion I agree with you 100%. There is a way how to do things tactfully. As for being white people haters……..I always tell people that I love white people as much as they loved my foreparents.
November 3 at 8:24pm · Like.

Don Liburd Does our black brother activist Olivier arrindell have a Haitian passport or a Dutch one? I guess since he is planning to be the next prime minister he must be a “Dutch citizen” or better said Dutch subject. Well Olivier these a realities that we ain’t getting away from. As a proud Haitian decendant, why don’t you just set up shop in the republic next door and get out of these nazi lovers country. Trust me they all the same colonizers, so choose one or the other and stop writing shit on kendalls wall. Education is a two edged sword, use it wisely!
November 3 at 8:34pm · Like · 6.

Olivier Arrindell ‎Don Liburd how you know that i have not set up shop in Haiti already Have i had any conversation with you about becoming Prime Minister of SXM. YOU have to be a crazy man. There is a big deference between you and I my friend. I was born here and you in St. Kitts. However you tern it I am a native of this land you are not. I can say what i want regarding my expression of my rights. I want SXM to a republic. Why dont you go set up shop were you were Born. This is not about education this is about history.
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Olivier Arrindell conquering lion the statement i posted on kedal page that he call disrespectful is the following: Queen Beatrix of Holland: Like her mother,Queen Juliana, married to a former Nazi (Prince Claus). Her father, Prince Bernhard, was a staunch supporter of the Nazi Party. Queen Beatrix is also a high ranking member of the secretive Bilderberg Group (started by her father Prince Bernhard) which first met in Arnhem, Holland in 1954
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Conquering Lion My brothers (OA and Mr. Liburd), it is imperative that we look at the bigger picture. Claiming to be from Haiti, St. Maarten or St. Kitts is small potatoes. We are only 400 hundred year natives of these places. The original inhabitants were exterminated by the royals of Europe and their cronies. At the end of the day, division will get us nowhere. Unity……..the only concept we have not given an earnest try.
November 3 at 10:09pm · Like · 4.

Olivier Arrindell ‎Don Liburd i hope you find your way my friend now i finally see the Hippocratic in you. I am a Black man I am a proud Haitian descendant you know of the father that give me the last Arrindell but do you know the one that give me life to the relation of the one that give me the last name I guess not do your history. If the Haitian Constitution was not the way it is today I would gladly take my mother nationality VS the one that is put upon on us. The Dutch is not the one responsible for giving me my family my home my company nor my ability, my ability came from my DNA and my DNA came from Africa Holland at the home of the slave masters
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Olivier Arrindell ‎Conquering Lion to be honest with you, you know me personally and you know were I stand. Please educate the MR PJD2
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Kendall Dupersoy Like the Republicans tell Obama – publish your birth certificate.
November 3 at 11:32pm · Like.

Don Liburd ouch, you sound like mash your corn. Sorry me boy. You clearly suffering from a complex my brother. I am a proud kit titian, who born to be here and do I look like I sorry where I come from. By the way….MY dog born here too just lik you. What is the difference between both of you who born here? It does not matter where you come from, what matter is what you do while you are there. I live my life contributing to my adapted country and will continue doing so. The. Queen is the head of state nothing less nothing more and as a Dutch citizen I live here quite comfortable and will respect this country, since I have no plans of leaving this corrupt, part of her kingdom that the whole world is flocking to. Be proud of your heritage like I am of mine. The only difference between us is where the slaveship dropped us off, we could have been on the same boat. dont feel no way my brother……..just never forget the past, and don’t let it blind you while working on your future. When you get your American rights remember those same Europeans now run the united states and they ain’t no better. Never forget your past, but never let it keep you back. The chains you now see are in your mind.
November 4 at 12:18am · Like · 3.

Olivier Arrindell ‎Kendall Dupersoy I feel sorry for you. Now you want me to stump down to your donkey level I know one thing is certain. If SXM should even become a independent state people like your leader and prime minister and Don would not a VOICE. Kendall you are a donkey for asking a dome question.
November 4 at 7:40am · Like.

Olivier Arrindell ‎Don Liburd Let me make some thing very clear. I want SXM to be a republic and be a man and deal with your own matters. one thing is certain about you is your ability to Hippocratic.
November 4 at 7:44am · Like.

Olivier Arrindell ‎Don Liburd I didnt ask for the maroon passport in the first place. I was born and there it was. So I guess it was a gift. Since it’s a gift…..I can do with it whatever I want. Just because somebody gives me something doesnt mean I have to like them. If the KKK wanted to give me $1 million dollars……..I aint turning it down. Does it mean that I have to praise them? Hell no!! Get real people knoe you dam history
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Don Liburd history is my specialty. Thank god for the can now google shit. I had a decent level of education before it became available on line which is quite recent. Clearly you are gaining knowledge daily from the Internet and that is a good sign meson. God bless the information highway, at least some of us can debate with a certain level of knowledge. I still a bit old school…..keep up the good fight, but don’t waste too much time trying to singlehandedly change people who don’t agree with you. It ain’t worth it. Just be the best you can be and prepare a future for your children while holding on to your principles. I am not a hipocrite
November 4 at 8:20am · Like · 3.

Olivier Arrindell Don you do not know nothing about me
November 4 at 8:26am · Like.

Kendall Dupersoy Me a Donkey? (gloves coming off now) You can’t even count to ten properly. You want to say Don Liburd is not a local but what have you done for St. Maarten except be a leech and a tick. Your a bloodsucker. Don contributed more to St. Maarten than you will ever be able to.
You say we must know our histury but you should know that some of us know yours. Even if you were born in St. Rose, which I doubt, you don’t even know who is your real father. You take a many name cause he took pity on you.
Now I suggest you stop making yourself look like an ASS and shut up before I really go in the gutter. Long time I ain’t write like that and I miss it.
November 4 at 10:48am · Like · 2.


Olivier Arrindell

‎Kendall Dupersoy You are a DONKEY for asking me to publish my birth Certificate you are so stupid that i feel sorry for you. If you was not born here I have more rights than you. The Dutch passport does not indicate that you are a native of this land island rock. I am a native do your research. I didnt ask for the maroon passport in the first place, in case that pop up into your small brain you should know now. I was born in St. Rose Hospital on front street and there it was. So I guess it was a gift ! . Since it’s a gift…..I can do with it whatever I want. Just because somebody gives me something doesnt mean I have to like them. If the KKK wanted to give me $1 million dollars……..I aint turning it down. Does it mean that I have to praise them? Hell no!! Get real people knoe you dam history

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Kendall Dupersoy Me a Donkey? (gloves coming off now) You can’t even count to ten properly. You want to say Don Liburd is not a local but what have you done for St. Maarten except be a leech and a tick. Your a bloodsucker. Don contributed more to St. Maarten than you will ever be able to.
You say we must know our histury but you should know that some of us know yours. Even if you were born in St. Rose, which I doubt, you don’t even know who is your real father. You take a many name cause he took pity on you.
Now I suggest you stop making yourself look like an ASS and shut up before I really go in the gutter. Long time I ain’t write like that and I miss it.
November 4 at 10:46am · Like · 1.

Bram van der Mark Kendall buddy don’t stress yourself, he is not worth the time and effort.
November 4 at 10:53am · Like · 3.

Olivier Arrindell ‎Kendall Dupersoy ones more you are a Donkey My real Fathers name is Ruben Muller from Curacao mother from Aruba which is the first cuzen to Armando Particio Arrindell who has acknowledged me as his Sun. My DNA lines are withing that blood. Now if you like Mr. DONKEY i can take you way back to 1875. We are not talking about contribution we are talking about Natives. I feel sorry for you. I can make you do what i want when i want. You are a Donkey. Now go in the gutter
November 4 at 11:16am · Like.

Julian Lake Guys, I don’t see the point in this. Name calling is juvenile. If you want to debate, debate on solving issues, not on nonsensical things such as “who is native or who did more for sxm”. Put those great minds to making better price controls, improving infrastructure, educating the youth on not only their history, but also their potential for the future. We are all adults with different opinions. Respect each other’s individuality and opinions.
November 4 at 12:03pm · Like · 1.

Kendall Dupersoy Nameless Mother from Aruba and a Curacao father but he’s a Haitian. Yet I is the Donkey!!!!
November 4 at 12:09pm · Like.

Olivier Arrindell ‎Kendall Dupersoy I feel sorry for you. You sad, Don Liburd give you a radio show you feel you know it all. You think as small as your house were you live at the moment. You are a puppet a house slave. Some one that politician can used when they want. You are lonely, Sorry. You know why none of you not even your Government can not do me nothing because i have more right then them on this rock. I can go back to the 1700 of Family history. I have a mother who is my queen and she is from the land of a Black revolution that have teach Black people how to work for what they want. My mother land has giving Latin America the hope of freedom that they have taking. MY MOTHER IS FROM HAITI which your local men could not have stay away from because of the pureness in her blackness. ON the other hand My father i mean the Blood father I hope you know yours ! is a blood line native of Curacao and his mother a native of bonair and his father a Native of Aruba. I am giving the Donkey the history. My acknowledged father and birth father are blood family members cuzen which you have to go ask your father
November 4 at 1:13pm · Like.

Kendall Dupersoy This is me ignoring you!!!
November 4 at 1:19pm · Like.

Olivier Arrindell ‎Kendall Dupersoy Julian Lake and Don Liburd Well today is going to be a good day for you. Firstly, Haitions taught Hippocrates, Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, Pythagoras, and all the rest of your ancestors everything they knew however up to now you cant take your Independence . Secondly, if you are not the descendant of a slave then I dont think you would have any knowledge about my past . So since you trying to act like you know more than me………let’s do it!! When did European and St.Maarten history start? What was the first book the Europeans wrote and who wrote that book? when you can answer that I think you can play in my book. Having a slave maters education dont give you the key to know what they have done to your ancestors.
November 4 at 1:19pm · Like.

Kendall Dupersoy Still ignoring you!!!
November 4 at 1:20pm · Like.

Olivier Arrindell ‎Kendall Dupersoy you have to beacuse brain just stop working
November 4 at 1:20pm · Like.

Olivier Arrindell Really !! your brain start to work ! come on man tell me !
November 4 at 1:21pm · Like.

Hadiya Sutton sigh……..when will stop the useless attacks???
November 4 at 1:24pm · Like.

Olivier Arrindell Hadiya I am like the Arabs you star a war of history with me you better be ready to finish it
November 4 at 1:25pm · Like.

Julian Lake ‎Olivier Arrindell, I don’t see the point in the discussion. Why you may ask? First off, it doesn’t better the situation of the people of Sint Maarten TODAY! I prefer put my energy in that direction rather than debating on HISstory. Secondly, when you approach or question someone, and this is just how I was brought up, you approach them with RESPECT. No matter who they are or what walk of life they are from. We were all created equal. Again, everyone can have an opinion. We should learn to respect each other’s.
November 4 at 1:36pm · Like · 4.

Olivier Arrindell ‎Julian Lake I agree with you. However this conversation has a history. Please go back to the start and you will see what has taking place. If you respect me I will do the same.
November 4 at 1:39pm · Like.

Kendall Dupersoy Julian – do like the rest of us and ignore. The pest will go away soon. He wants attention and I don’t have time today to play with immature children.
November 4 at 1:42pm · Like · 1.

Olivier Arrindell ‎Kendall Dupersoy you still ready and writing on my wall isn’t that a Donkey move ?
November 4 at 1:53pm · Like.

Hadiya Sutton Thanks Julian because at the end of the day it begins and ends with respect. As History indicates.. most of us are here because of where the slave ship stopped and if any of us have a big problem with the Dutch* and their historical’s very easy to solve..go and give the people back their passport and leave the Kingdom. The choice is there. No disrespect to anyone but at the end of the day..History is what it is.

** Also applies to America, British, French etc. The reality is we are all a result of a melting pot of different nations…it is what it is.
November 4 at 1:54pm · Like · 3.

Olivier Arrindell Hadiya Sutton slavery aint over. Just by your statement i see its still on the move. The chains are now on the minds of our people. How else can you explain that on an island that is 90% black……there is a statue of a white man in front of the government building. We have to wake up!!
November 4 at 1:57pm · Like.

Hadiya Sutton ‎##officially done at this point. Have a great day. Kendall like you like to say peace out!!
November 4 at 1:59pm · Like · 1.

Olivier Arrindell Number one who give a shit about a Dutch passport. We dont need apology in SXM for slavery . We need reparations. Lets say 350 billion euros and we go independent and finally off the plantation?
November 4 at 2:01pm · Like.

Olivier Arrindell Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit
November 4 at 2:08pm · Like.

Urshana Arrindell lol……a lil history lesson for ya ass
November 4 at 3:53pm · Like.

Kendall Dupersoy Yo this is so funny, it’s sad!!!
November 4 at 4:36pm · Like.

Urshana Arrindell that ture
November 4 at 4:37pm · Like.

Carrol Burgundy-Benders SMDH, this is so childish.
November 4 at 7:57pm · Like.

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