jules: parliamentarian/general manager/preacher

Perhaps as Jules is a preacher in a church,
the Pelican workers should all go to his church to listen to what he preaches there.
We had an experience with him lying some years ago.
The Pelican workers need to find out why he left Pelican years ago where I seem to remember he was a bellman. He left to go to Flamingo as GENERAL MANAGER where every single Owner’s meeting he denigrated Pelican…
then why did he leave such an awesome resort to go back to the other resort he slandered..
He got rid of loads of Flamingo workers… all loyal workers who have been there for years, dedicated to their wonderful family..
Then he left and now he has fired all those wonderful Pelican resort workers..
workers who slaved through the Hurricane LUIS, through the mess of the bankruptcy from Vlietman..
Now we have Jules James.  a  politician, a landowner, a man with a  large bank account firing his OWN PEOPLE all of whom he asked to vote for him…
JULES JAMES  has absolutely defined the word HYPOCRITE…
TRULY shame on you for all you have done and to your own people… your own people you handed out VOTE FOR ME brochures… Jules what you really need to remember… on your way up from Bellman to Richman you will need all these people you have left without a wage as your bank account grows…

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