photo: judith roumou EMILIO WILSON PARK

According to Mr Patrick, the former head of the St Maarten Kadaster office,
there is supposed to be a signed resolution, and agreement between the SXM government,
and the executors who are supposed to carry out the orders left by Emilio Wilson,
when he passed away.
It appears that there has been an ad in one of the papers for the manager of the “theme park”,
at the Emilio Wilson Park.
Now the Emilio Wilson Park, is an established historical monument,
and this company from the Netherlands, wants to turn it into a “theme park”.
I knew Emilio Wilson personally,
and if our government and these Dutch, feel that they can openly go against someones last will and testament,
then they are more than a little wrong.
Emilio Wilson, an indigenous St Maartener, wanted the park to be for his people,
the indigenous people of St Maarten.
Mr Wilson was a very outspoken man, and made no bones about the fact that the government had NO stake in his property,
it was for his people.
With blatant disregard, our government seems to be making manouevres behind the scenes.
Why are these people posting ads….
spending money on ads???????
Unless someone has promised them something.
If they believe that the St Maartener is going to lie down, and let them do whatever they want to do with the Emilio Wilson Park,
they are dead wrong.
How long will we allow these foreigners to come in and desecrate everything that is OURS.
The government needs to answer these questions.
Who is secretly negotiating with those Theme Park representatives?
Who is going to profit from this?

One comment

  1. Do we know for sure that it is foreigners? Knowing those involved in Government would not surprise me that it is family ties.

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