There is no problems with whites and blacks, Spanish and Dominican , Haiti and St Maarten  the problem is that the government gives preference to special groups on St.Maarten while putting other on the side .
The second problem is that it would be in Theo and his counterpart Sarah interest if they could cut all ties with Holland then they could do whatever they pleased without any real disturbance .

The slave issue can be easily fueled by any side once they have the media behind their cause and we all know who has preference with the local St.Maarten media

The issue is people from all over the world are going somewhere else to look for work where ever they can and its been like that from the beginning , my grandparents did the same thing on a different island .

The problem is that the government of st.maarten has given away all the jobs and opportunities  once reserve  for the locals – the buses, the casino jobs , vending licenses and on and on . and now a st.maartener has to fight just as hard if not harder than a guy from hiati to run a bus  or what was once government issued land has become the private property for corrupt government officials own private funds . If we the st.maarten locals had something to be proud of , something to hold onto we could say yes or government never turned on us but today  we take a look we have absolutely nothing , nothing , nothing .

They sell the land , they raise taxes , ignore public safety and make the most ridiculous business discussions ever possible . We sit down and chat arounf the kitchen table and on the barstools but this is dangerous stuff . when the government has no opposition and the people dont demand accountability  history has proven over and over again that a long hard road lies ahead .


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