IS SXM READY TO BE A COUNTRY YET? a.a. lourens: local perspective

‎1 year ago Ronald van Raak of the Dutch Parliament openly says that St. Maarten is not ready by a long shot to be a country by 10-10-10…. can i get an AMEN!

If electricity goes out everyday and salaries are too low compared to the cost of living and regular standard rent prices are more than minimum wage and the people have no evident social mobility and the government is openly currupt and the prison is full and crime is rising doesn’t that qualify us to be a 3rd world country? #onlyinsxm


    • Sxm-Sports Sxmyouthbeatfoundationhmmmmmmmm very interesting words….we got the government that we desrve

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    • W Titiana GumbsAMEN!!!!!!!

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    • Sxm-Sports Sxmyouthbeatfoundationdeserve*

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    • Dwight CarbonReal talk brother AL – I think that does qualify us as a third world country – the only difference between us and Haiti (for example) is 2 reasons (1) we didn’t ignite the Emancipation Revolution by kicking Western colonialism ass (2) we don’t have any natural resource that is of superficial value to the world – but I read some where that there are plans to build an oil rig off the coast of either Saba or Statia which aint to far from us – but if or when that happens then your question will just be a matter of the obvious – that we are as valuable as our natural resources. Ask Brother Haiti and Mama Africathey will tell you!!!

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    • Nelson Els govt. broke…
      sewage on the road…empty promises….
      empty new bld….

      ombudsman collecting but not functioning…..
      mp`s collecting full salary, working part time…

      Minister of Justice ; “my word is a decree , I am the law”….
      casino chairman =central bank chairman….

      dumb rising in middle of town……
      costumer service sucks all over sxm……

      sand all over the island….

      govt. need civil servants…..
      but have no money to hire….

      eldery living in poverty…
      youth neglected…..

      Asian invasion….
      Arab invasion….

      workers exploitation…..
      anti-small/micro businesses…..

      suoermarkets sells expire goods….
      unhygienic restaurants/kitchens…

      banks ripping of clients/community….

      no beds in the medical clinic….
      no cells in the jail…..
      no seats & books in school…..

      merchants broke unless,  election time…

      15 yrs to demolish mullet bay….Husanry said ; Nobody asked me to!

      traffic jams all over…..
      roads keep getting worse…potholes getting big,bigger….

      Cable TV gave the pple a 6 for a 9…….
      UTS service slow & terrible….

      G.E.B.E. Gone Bad……

      cops  are body guards…
      cops runs brothels….
      cops running security com…….

      surgeons operate at the SMMC with out license….

      all locals are expert in legalizing working-papers……

      in govt. everything is for sale…..
      even the stamps…..

      SINT MAARTEN……everything is possible….

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    • Dwight CarbonNelson well said – love your response you are absolutely 110% right – in fact I’m making notes lol!!

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    • Jude Piper‎@ Nelson SXM tha bad…..dang maybe I shouldnt come back lmao.

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    • Nelson Elswe can use all the help we can get please hurry back!

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    • Nelson Els nothing on that list is a hopeless situation…
      what we need is people willing, able & ready to contribute to sxm…if we all come together and start helping each other what will happen?

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    • Jude PiperI willing and able…the thing is sxm dont really always accept ppl that r willing and able…its  sad when most of my friends away feel uneasy about coming back to their own country. The thing is does it have any thing left for us lol…I will always love sxm but the changes that need to be done aint easy and no one man as u said can do it on their own. The thing is as u said who all are willing to pay the price. A friend of mine was telling me about running for politics in the future……my reply was do u have a lifetime supply of medications….politics will send most ppl crazy…..needless to say corruption is a very hard beast to tame! To all my fellow sxmners…do not vote for a color but vote for the party that cares most about sxm.

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    • Nelson Els is a process we have to start somewhere…..
      it is not easy…but it can be done…if we all are willing to make a contribution
      however it will not be an overnight train…

      it will take years, we have to start with the small children….
      educating them, teach & pride for self & country above

      we have to use the knowledge & experience from the elderly
      that we are taking for granted….

      we have to teach and/or train our youth to trade…do business
      expose the value of preparedness instead of partying at this age

      we have to expose other media to combat..B.E.T & M.T.V.

      IT IS ALL about knowledge shared, and than make sure it is used.

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    • Nelson Els We have to understand……
      we can not live a good life or a wealthy life…..ALONE!

      we need everybody, that is right, we need everybody
      everybody is important because everybody can serve
      & should make an contribution…..

      we have to understand….
      there is enough for everybody if we share
      instead of taking from one another….or put each other down…
      because of fear….of being left out.

      everybody should get a turn to step up to the plate….and hit the ball
      level playing field, may the best man go first….
      and we all help the last to be better..

      if we share the knowledge we build a team…..
      we be able to do better….

      it is not about you!
      it is about all of us st.maarten.

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    • Nelson Els look if everybody is doing good….you will do better
      if everybody is collapsing around you…eventually you will.

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    • Nelson Els why are we so afraid to help each other?
      why do we feel like a failure when one of us go to the top?why are locals not controlling the majority of the economy?

      if you open a business would trust a chinee  with it?
      or your self or a relative or a local?

      do you believe their is power in the economy?
      do  business people have power because they have money ?

      they can bribe others with money to get what they want?

      would you rather work for someone instead of you be the boss?

      why are you working for people?
      or why do you not own a business?

      do you trade anything?…….

      johnny cakes,c.d`s,guavaberry,rotties,news papers,clothes,food…

      do you think you can ever be financial independent
      working for people or govt  only…..

      if you was a rich man/woman….
      would give back a lot money to the community?

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    • Ethel Semeler Rosaria Nelson, Everything you said from ” govt. broke…to SINT MAARTEN……everything is possible….” is so true. Alston Alvarino Lourens, here is your amen…AMMMEEEENNNNNN!!!!!! Is it me, or the only positive thing I saw change, one year after 10-10-10 is telephone digits changing from 599 to 1-72 for COUNTRY SXM? Leerplicht at school, but still we HAVE to pay a humongous amount for our children to go school.; with no subsidies from the GOVERNMENT!! And if the parents don’t send their children to school, they WILL be put to jail, according to the school rules. Now,will the following hold up in court and keep parents out of jail: I didn’t send my kids to school, as is mandatory,because I couldn’t pay the fee, so I had to thief the money to pay for my kid school to send them to school, for it is MANDATORY for the children to go school. Just take a look how much parents have to pay for their kids school fee per year in BES islands…NOTHING!!! or the highest fee is USS100.00 ( depending on which school board ) per year for obligatory parental contribution for school trips etc during the school year….

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    • Ethel Semeler RosariaSince we were The Netherlands Antilles we had leerplicht…but only when a Curacao woman went to court because her kid wouldn’t get the report card, for she didn’t pay the schoolfee and she won, we knew that it is NOT mandatory to pay schoolfee. Something changed after this? No! Maybe it is me that don’t have my facts straight and would like enlightenment on this subject…@Nelson Els, any comments or correction?

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    • Alston Alvarino Lourensby law schools are not charging us parents school fee, its now called a parental contribution… i pay over $500 for my girls per month!! its crazy! about us getting 721? its 2 years late… we still cannot find St. Maarten which is a country for nearly a year on any country list online…. #onlyinsxm

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    • Ethel Semeler RosariaSo, what you are saying then is that they threw some sand in our eyes and changed the name from school fee to parental contribution and we just sat back and take it? For what exactly are we contributing? This parental contribution in BES Island is for outings etc etc during the school year.

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  1. I am from Europe (not from Netherlands or France) and visited island of Saint Martin for vacation. I was very dissapointed with how poor and in bad state an island actually is. The Dutch side is also heavily americanized and one big concrete jungle.

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