Whenever anyone mentions William Marlin’s name, the word “arrogant”, is soon to follow.

Many in The National Alliance believe that William Marlin, has no one to blame but himself, for the demise of the National Alliance party.

According to sources, deep within the National Alliance, many of the National Alliance slate, many who were once very closed to William Marlin, is now asking for his resignation, if he wants the National Alliance to remain a viable party.

Our sources named five people who were on last years National Alliance slate, who have stated to others, or who have approached William Marlin directly to resign.

Many believe that it was William’s arrogance, who forced Theo Heyliger to settle on the Democratic Party, as a coalition partner, because Marlin refused to budge on his demands when he was approached by Theo to form a coalition.

Some believe that he should have stepped aside and allowed Frans Richardson, to at least become co-leader, then Frans would not have been so anxious to flee the National Alliance.

Kendall Dupersoy, might dispute this,

but according to National Alliance insiders,

he is the ONLY high ranking, National Alliance member who continues to support William Marlin.

The source felt that Alliance loyalists, close to Dupersoy,

were making the decision to flee the National Alliance,

ever more difficult.

Many who want William Marlin to step down,

feel that it is the only way the National Alliance, can make a comeback.

One person felt that the “arrogance” title that seems to follow William Marlin everywhere,

is far from accurate.

According to him, William Marlin is not an arrogant man,

just a man not comfortable being the leader of the party.

“….William Marlin, is a great cook, not a politician…”

“He would rather be in his kitchen, fixing some Mondongo soup, than in public making speeches…”

Many were much harsher, in their criticism of Marlin.

According to one…

“When there’s no election, you can only see him in public, talking on his cellphone, he acknowledges no one, and pretends that no one knows that he is showing a subtle disdain of his voters.”

“When election is on, he’s off his cellphone, and smiling with you..”

“What he needs to do, is stay on his cellphone, and hand over the reins, so that the National Alliance, can have true leadership..”

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