Marietje set to take over at GEBE?

According to our sources, and they’ve been very accurate lately,

Maria Buncamper Molanus is the person tentatively set to take over William Brooks position at GEBE.

They are currently testing the temperature,

floating the name around, trying to guage the feedback.

Just like the Regina Labega airport hiring,

it seems that if they are determined to give someone the position,

they will be hired.

Whether under investigation, or whether the people of St Maarten are for or against it.

Maria Buncamper Molanus,

is currently under investigation involving a land scandal.

Much more to come…………..


  1. The best person for this job, who actually have a degree in these things is Mark Chance. We always going to be a backward place. What degree does she have dealng with Engineering/Physics? No wonder our poor island in trouble. But it is us the voters/people of the island fault, we sit back and take this mess, allowing these people to treat us this way.

  2. Mark Chance is best man for this job, he actually has an engineering degree. Give people with dgrees and actually know what they are doing the jobs, not people in government positions family members, who have not a damn clue how to wipe they own tail, much less how to run these positions. When the hell are we going to wake up people and say enough is enough? You can’t continue to blame the government anymore when we don’t stand up and say enough is enough and demand better for ourselves and our childrens/island future. Continue turning a blind eye and see who end up suffering only you. Grow a backbone

  3. same shit different place…….
    i’m sure she as all the qualifications for that position…. she is linked to the right people in the right places just like regina…. she has ben flying since she was young….. of corse she knows about airport business…… and all of this is for you guys the best of the best just for the good of the people of St. Maarten!

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