THE SZV PROBLEM by Dr. Neville de Weever Labega

During the last weeks the problem that I am having with the SZV, social and sickness
insurance company (formerly SVB) concerning affiliation received quite some
attention in the local media.

I have been
waiting 10 years on a contract with the SVB, but have been
constantly refused with the excuse that there are too many doctors in Saint
Martin. In this period of time however, 1 Dutch, 1 Surinamese, one local and 1
Cuban doctor have been affiliated. In May of this year I again requested affiliation.
Again I am being refused on the grounds that there are too many doctors. The
SZV wants the doctors affiliated with them to have at least 2000 SVB patients
each. The SVB insures 28000 clients at the moment, so they only have room for
14 doctors actually and they already have 18 affiliated.

When asked
where they got this quotum of 2000 patients per affiliated doctor from, the
Management explained that the SVB got that figure from an institution in
Holland. They even did not know which institution!

I explained
to them that the Dutch Ministry of Health uses the quotum of 2 350 patients per
General Practitioner. In Saint Martin we have 54000 residents registered at the
Census office. Of course everyone knows that we have a large number of
residents who are not registered also. Including myself, we have 20 general
practitioners in Saint Martin. Therefore we have an average patient doctor
ratio of 2700. Of the 54 000 residents, 28 000 are insured with SZV (SBV
section). Therefore

52 % of the
registered population of 54 000 has SVB insurance. The average number of SVB
insured clients per General Practitioner is therefore 52 % of 2 700, which is
1400 and not 2000 as Mr. Reginald Willemsberg and Mr. Dennis Richardson of the
SZV are using. Of course both gentlemen know all of this, but for reasons known
to them they are purposely misinforming the media.

Management of the SZV (Dennis Richardson and Reginald Willemsberg) has informed
me that they will be inspecting my Medical Clinic. I told them that they would
be doing no such thing as the SZV has no authority whatsoever to carry out any
kind of inspections. The Inspectorate of Health is the only institution
authorized to carry out inspections and they of course are always welcome in my

After that I
was informed that the SZV was requiring me to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.
I informed them that they had no authority whatsoever to require that. The only
person who can require that of me is the Inspector of Health. I am registered
in Sint Maarten as a general practitioner since 1999 and the inspector of
health has never received a complaint against me and has never found it
necessary to have me evaluated psychiatrically.

In 2002 the
Executive Council of St. Maarten, consisting of Wescot, Meyers, Ferrier, Heyliger
and Laveist decided that I was an embarrassment to the government of St
Maarten. At that time I was employed as an Occupational Health Physician and
Acting Head of the

Department by the government. They admitted that my work was perfect, but my
behavior was intolerable. I refused to do their dirty work for them and was
very vocal concerning their actions. I had to be silenced. They tried to have
my license to practice medicine in the Netherlands Antilles revoked, but of
course the Head of the Federal Department of Health, Dr. Ben Whiteman ignored

Of course I
informed Dennis Richardson that I would not be undergoing any kind of
evaluation whatsoever. The SZV is completely out of order.

Next week
Monday I shall be filing an injunction against the SZV.

Dr. Neville
H. de Weever LaBega.

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