I’ll just state the obvious.

Since 2008-2009, Frans has been negotiating with Sarah, so who’s shocked at the news?

Frans has been unhappy with William Marlin, for the longest time,

so no one’s surprised about his departure.

Everyone’s just wondering why, it took so long to make the official announcement.

Basically, Marlin and Richardson have been separated for a while,

living their own lives, doing their own thing.

They just made the divorce official.

Frans was telephoning Julian Rollocks, as far back as 2008 trying to negotiate and get in with Sarah.

Rollocks was upset, because knowing that his phones are tapped, he was angry that Frans could be so indiscreet.

Rollocks thought that emails were much safer.


I’ll say something that might hurt a few feelings,

but the National Alliance does not exist.

It hasn’t for a while.

If you read the emails carefully, it seems like half of the National Alliance-

their biggest vote getters,

were negotiating with the oppostion behind the scenes.

Well Frans is facing that Per Diem investigation,

or has the scandal been covered up already?

No wonder the National Alliance got NOTHING.

All of their biggest vote getters were sabotaging them from within!


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  1. There are tons of good tv shows to choose from to say it’s the best. No matter what is said though, there is no doubt that this show ranks in the top 10 of all of them. Yes, there are shows that are a bit newer but this one still has charm. There is comedy, love, and a little darkness, easily moving it up to the top. They just don’t make them like this anymore.

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