Is anybody else chilled by the fact, that many of the victims took every precaution,

and still the killer(s) found him?

People were nervous before the first murders, and took precautions, and still the killer found them.

After Amador’s and Arrindell’s murder, several of the gang fled,

only to be killed within hours of returning to the island.

They moved around,

did not have a fixed location, or residence………

and yet they were found.

After the first Arrindell murder, the brother fled,

only to be killed hours after returning to the island.

Mr Lake, had also just returned to the island,

when the killer (s) found him.

That pretty much tells you, that this is some group activity going on.

This is professional surveillance,

it can’t be just one “killer”, there has to be many people involved, to know the exact whereabouts of these “gangstas”, and be able to take them out like dust.

One comment

  1. I start to think that the secret service is doing the killing, import hit man directed by local intelligence to root out the gangsters. In the end there will only friendly, peace loving people left on SXM! Bravo!

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