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Monday, May 23, 2011 12:46 PM
“Admin” <>

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“” <>

Hi, sorry for the short explanation…
This guy is giving away
LIMITED passwords to his
secret affiliate tool
which instantly raked in
$22,675 in only 9 days in MAY.

Get your password to
download it from here:

~~> Your Password

Use it wisely,

Nat, CMM

P.S. If the link above
doesn’t work try this:

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  1. I hate this kind of mile long stories with on the very bottom you must pay 30 euro! Even if I had 30 euro I rather buy a little sex for it han a scam that can’t be true. Nokturna, Julian, or whomever , did you try it? did it work?
    Alex say hi, victory cry!

    • Chamba I have more email accounts than I can count. these messages only come to certain key email addresses. All of Rollocks’ accounts receive them. and two of my main personal accounts receibe them. I have OVER 40 email accounts, which has to do with my online marketing. Only these accounts get this warning, that’s why I refuse to buy into it. Why am I giving yahoo and gmail and live my password?
      They don’t need it! they can do whatever they like WITHOUT my permission it is THEIR company. If they wanted my password, they could get it.
      Only few accounts receive these bullshit emails, I wonder how much money the sxm government has blown on a bunch of experts, who can’t shut me down.
      They brought in a lot of bigshot experts, just so that they could be told face to face that they CAN’T shut me down.
      Paying me for the work I did 2009/2010 would have been a lot cheaper than all the mofo’s they paying now to shut me down.
      Nothing but idiots in your sxm gov!

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