According to my source it was reported that there was another fire at GEBE.

Now was that fire an accident, or arson? In St Maarten, arson is considered the easiest way to get rid of evidence,

consider Grande Marche/Former Food Center.

Do you remember Marshall’s on Frontstreet? The owner lit it on fire, but he caught on fire and ran to the St Rose hospitial, which was in frontstreet at the time.

The you remember whenever Sheik” couldn’t make a profit it would burn?

And here’s the funny part, St Maarten…..

When arson occurs in St Maarten, it’s just normal.

I remember someone pointing out my ex manager at Food Center, and saying

“Those mofo’s didn’t even burn it down right”.

But the question is, were there stacks of bodies stacked in Food Center after it burned.

According to locals, Food Center became a crematorium for all of the dead bodies that had NO local affiliations, eg. the Haitians, white Africans in the lagoon, etc.

Anyone who did not have an association with St Maarten, according to local sources were stacked up in the “Old Food Center”. and burned.

Horrible, horrible accusations……

but what happened to all of those DEAD HAITIANS IN THE SHANTY TOWN< AND ALL OF OF THOSE DEAD CAUCASIOAN ‘BOAT PEOPLE’, who lived in boats in the lagoon.

The bodies were floating, weren’t they?
So what happened to all of those bodies?
Now GEBE have a lil fire…….


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  1. After LUIS refrigerating containers full of bodies were shipped to PR to the crematorium. who knows if they did not become shark food. Are they now burning GEBE bossman or just evidence of malpractice, selling power to the French side while claiming a fuse is popped and setting Dutch Side dark?

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