richard gibson under desk giving head, viva la vida!

Richard Gibson the owner of the Today is feuding with his ex law partner,

Roland Duncan, who is the the current minister of justice, and the whole thing seems to me, to be some ridiculous

lover’s spat.

Gibson and Duncan, the law partners, and Duncan was the junior partner, wasn’t he?

We know that Minister of Justice Duncan, is surrounded by crooks, and Richard Gibson uses his editor Hilbert Haar for his attacks,

but the Gibson and Duncan feud seems more and more like an ex lover’s spat than anything else to me.

Why would two grown, professional men, who are supposed to be pillars of the community, be

feuding publicly (it involves Roorda?)

In such a bitchy, petty manner?

When the best interest of SXM is supposed to be at heart.

This is funny, because never did I dream that I would be attacked by both GIBSON AND DUNCAN. LOL!

The Dutch need to know the whole story……

to understand, why I am being attacked.

Richard Gibson is a closeted homosexual, who uses his Newspaper and his editor, Hilbert Haar to attack anyone who he feels threatens him, or questions whatever ethics he’s supposed to have.

Now why would Hilbert Haar, once again print lies ( I HAVE POLICE AS MY WITNESSES WHEN I GO TO COURT!)

Which are obvious lies, when he’s supposed to be an editor. of a credible paper.

Because Richard Gibson is a closeted homosexual, who isn’t quite in the closet as he thinks he is, because

Richard Gibson, when your editor prints about crack, I can only see YOU bent over the crack of Roland Duncan’s ass.

He was your junior partner….right?

Now Richard Gibson, let’s get into credibility and your editor printing lies.

You’re a FAG, aren’t you Richard Gibson…….

And I believe that your top bottom, Hilbert Haar, could  NOT have printed those lies, without your permission.

So my dear faggy one, if we’re going to be calling names,

why don’t I call you the FAG that you truly are?

The Today paper is used as a weapon by the people who know who busted out your prostate!

So try slandering me in your paper, using your editor Hilbert Haar, and then believe that i won’t

hit your slanderous ass ten thousand times as hard.

Richard Gibson dreams of crack

Ass crack, that is………..of young, tight men.

Him and his ho hate dominant, strong personality women, so they call them names.

But calling you a fag cannot be slander, when every queen claims that you’ve tossed their salad.

They like how you recruit at THE TODAY, young and neat.

So Duncan was your junior partner, and now you bitches hissing and scratching each at each other, through the garbage bins and sewers,

but you want to name call, because you think I’m defenseless.

Why didn’t you call Oral,  Hilbert?

 Because you are NO editor, just a fags puppet.

And fag is not used in a derogatory manner…………

It’s simply an abbreviation of homosexual!




  1. ask donelis
    why that laptop
    that harddrive
    ask any male staffer
    you called gibson a bottom
    no he is a top
    he is a giver, not a receiver
    ask about the facebook blowjob pic that was cropped

  2. It truly surprises me @ this point in time, how ppl in SXM still are bringing up sexual preferences to talk about other issues. How is being gay an issue in SXM ??? How in any way, knowing someones sexual preferences affect the future of the island??? Info ppl off island r searching for is about the island, not who is doing who. How inmature

    • lorena you need to read the today paper, or as we call it the toilet paper’s daily slander of private citizens before you talk of maturity.
      have you ever read “editor” hilbert haar’s pieces, slicing and dicing locals, no proof just lies
      all at richard gibson the punks behest. Nobody cares that Richard Gibson is gay. I have tons of gay friends. we despise his faggy ways, and the way
      he uses his paper as a weapon against those who would DARE talk about his nasty behind the scenes activity, has nothing to do with his sexual preference
      and for the record, this blog surprised NO ONE! it’s general knowledge, it’s just that no one dares write about it, less they face the wrath of his “editor ” Hilbert Haar.
      I would love to run into gibson, with my cameras so that i can tell him in his face exactly what i think about his shit journalism,
      but he hides well
      no surpise,
      he’s been hiding in the closet long enough. If the prosecutor MOS is scared of this punk Gibson, well I AM NOT!
      he can have his government dog hilbert haar write, whatever lies about anyone, and we can’t write the truth?
      stfu b!

  3. In the interest of Saint Martin we have to lay aside personal issues and do what is best for our country. Any personal differences can be resolved through communication. Name calling, slandering each other gets us nowhere; understandable, but gets us nowhere. We all live here, have the best interest of our country at heart and we do have something very important in common: we have brains. It is our duty to cooperate with each other in the best interest of our country. Alice, you and I have to talk real soon. Love you, Ben.

    • it’s not slander if it’s true Neville.
      When they right THEY LIE! everyones waiting for those receipts, and that evidence. Hilbert Haar published a lie filled article about my mother, with gibsons authority, and they think it’s over? It’s called a Boston Borsje Crab, Neville…It’s when the wife walks in on your nasty ass.
      I noticed there is no paper today. The Today paper will retract and apologize for those lies written
      or this will NEVER be over! I have a ton of gay friends who work/used to work there, some straight.
      I know whats up. This will NEVER be over, until they retract and apologize for the lies.
      enjoy Nev.

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