Like I blogged last month the first people to be deposed will and should be Minister of Justice Roland Duncan and his son in law Shigemoto in the tourism bureau scandal.

One wonders why the police are getting away with human rights violations and crimes, well this is their “Chief”.

Their real Chief, of the police goon squad.

Peter De Witte, is either too stupid to realize how corrupt and criminal his department is, or is a part of it,

it’s THAT simple!

If you read the below blog, Miguel de  Weever is also a Sarah agent, along with Eldridge Van Putten, so how did he manage to incur the wrath of Sarah and her thugs.

The same “BD contract”, that Sarah Wescott Williams, and Sara Stone, and Regina Labega signed, is what Rollocks wanted me to sign.

See, now all of them are lined up to go down, Sarah signed her soul over to BD satan, and her entire government is under investigation.

Sara Stone signed a contract with BD, but Ms. Stone, lawyers won’t help when the emails show that the USONA money was going almost directly into Julian Rollocks’ pocket.

Regina Labega signed  her BD contract, and she is also going to be testifying real soon.

People ask me why I would refuse to sign a contract with Julian Rollocks…

It’s because I believe that Satan is a safer bet,

with my soul……..than Julian Rollocks!

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  1. It is true that the believers in the Old Testament have way more power than those in the New. Love and hope does not work against hate and violence, a proven paradigm.

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