If you wanted to commit a crime, you would probably want to use an unmarked weapon, or better yet a police officers gun.

Now someone is lying. The Daily Herald and various news sources reported that officer York’s gun was stolen from his home in Mary Fancy. Officer York himself, posted a comment on this blog saying that it was a lie. I then reprinted the whole Daily Herald article, and he never responded after that, and neither has the police. Where is officer York’s gun, and has the ballistics of these new spate of gun crimes been tied to any of these stolen police officer guns?

The St Maarten Police department believe that as they grow ever fatter off of their tax payers checks, and illegal grafts, that the St Maartener is too slow or dim witted to remember that on the third Duncan supposedly passed the gun law without parliament anyway.

But the jump up was supposed to distract from that.

And the fact that Yorks’ gun is still missing.

And the fact that the police know where “Chucky” is, but don’t want to deal with the hassle

good luck “new” country St Maarten

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  1. Do you have any information that the gun permission law was passed? And where do I ask for a permission to own a gun? Just to see what happens when I ask for one. My place has been broken into several times and I have been held up and robbed i n my own place, I have a jewelry work shop and when I work for other goldsmiths have sometimes gold at home. Was pepper spray included in this law, because even that was/is not allowed to be used by the public against an intruder.
    To be honest I have made friends with the local weed herb dealers who told me I will not be robbed anymore because now they know where I coming from ( I did an 11 month stint in Guadeloupe jail for herb) and we are friends. However, etc etc…

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