I have a Major problem. I hate wend people say all kinds of negative things about SXM but they are still living and exploiting my place. YOU have many people living here saying thing that is just a disrespect to SXM. If i was the Justice Minister Boy I tell you many would be deported. People who talked negative about sxm
    • .
      • Xiomara BalentinaOlivier, why is there so much hatred amongst Caribbean people who by the way, have more in common than they think? Is the Jamaician superiour/ inferiour to the St. Maartener? Is the St. Maartener better than the Jamaician or Haitian? I just don’t understand all this hostility. Hostiliy in my opinion retards our progress.

        5 hours ago ·
      • Francis AlidaXiomara, I hea ryou and fully agree. People just need to learn how to get along. The world belongs to all of us.

        4 hours ago ·
      • Raquel FlandersAnd what about the SXM people who talks bad about SXM? What should we do with them? I am one of them because I read too much crap that goes on. What should they do with me?

        3 hours ago
      • Terrence Simmon

        Olivier, you need to spend some time up in the States. Because of there lack of Geographic Knowledge, all people of the Caribbean are West Indian to them. If you meet any with a small degree of geographic sense they’d tell you St. Martin is… either in Jamaica or part of the U.S. Virgin Islands. My point is, when your in an enviroment like that you quikly realise & focus on the similarities between the peoples of the different islands & not the few traits that make us different.See More
        3 hours ago ·
      • Olivier ArrindellTerrence i used to lived in the USA and i guess you guys are missing my point. i am not focus on Caribbean people. i am focus on Europeans. after all the good caribbean people we dont get

        3 hours ago ·
      • Jadira Veen

        ‎@Terrence-While I understand the conclusion of your statement, it sure does not excuse the Americans lack of geographic knowledge. West Indian or Caribbean people, we are all one and the same to them. It only proves they are too lazy to le…arn the difference. I guess we would also be confused by the differences of the Hawaiian Islands or the different islands in the Philippines or Indonesia. Many Dutch people think SXM is in least it was so when I lived in Holland in the 80’s. Now with Dutch TV showing the weather in the islands I guess they might be better educatedSee More
        3 hours ago ·
      • Olivier Arrindellgood point jadira

        3 hours ago ·
      • Terrence Simmon

        ‎@ Jadira the average SXMer has more geographical knowledge of the World than most Americans (never been to Europe so I can’t speak about them). Due mainly to the fact we are an island part of an European Nation’s Kingdom located near the b…ack door yard of the U.S. somewhat mid-way to South America. But we are getting away from the main point. I’m saying to Olivier, stop pulling the ‘I’m from Here Card’ whenever someone disagrees with you or criticisies the way maybe certain things are done here.See More
        2 hours ago
      • Jean-Marie Molina

        So Olivier, what are you actually saying? That people who live on SXM are not allowed to voice their opinion on the way certain are done on SXM? And this because?……Aren’t you being a bit bias and unfair? What does someones nationality o…r ethnic background have to do with their ability to speak out on issues they disagree with?…And people who speak negatively about SXM are the enemies? What do you suggest then?…and not forgetting the amount of times that you speak out on issues on SXM that are “not right”. And if I am correct you live in SXM…What should be done with you? ….See More
        2 hours ago
      • Terrence Simmon

        I only reference to the way Caribbean people are viewed in the U.S. because they are a small minority up there. They are viewed as one. When a Trini & a Antiguian argue in the U.S., were they are from is never brought up (usually) because t…hey are all viewed as West Indians by the Americans. My Family roots on my Father’s side goes back to the Indians that inhabitited this island & my Mother’s to the days of Slavery, Venus James brought over as a Slave from St. Kitts. I love this island dearly, but can engage in conversation with anyone either pro or con regarding SXM without a desire to send anyone anywhere. Olivier, you’ve got to develope thicker skin & don’t hide behind the ‘I’m from Here’ banner when anyone disagrees with you.See More
        2 hours ago ·
      • Jadira Veen

        ‎@Olivier, JM Molina is right. You have to be more specific. What is it your are upset about that some who not from here are speaking bad about SXM? We live in a democratic society, so we are all entitled to our opinions good or bad. You me…ntion something about Europeans..I have no idea what you mean..but just a reminder, Dutch side still falls under the Dutch Kingdom and French side is still part of France. At times I too get angry with “certain” imports who reside here, make money here, but make no efforts to contribute in society-the ones I am speaking about even duck the tax officers with off shore banking schemes..but they still want to have their say about roads, crime, medical facility, street lights and involve themselves in politics even though they cannot vote. Thats where I draw the line.See More
        2 hours ago ·
      • Ignacio Stapleton Enforce Immigration and strict business laws. Ohhh damn……. that would mean the people voted into office would have to follow their own rules….#weneedapoliceeyeoversxm

        2 hours ago ·
      • Olivier Arrindellyou cant come into some one home and tell them if its not because of you they would not have that home

        2 hours ago
      • ·
      • Dave LevenstonePut them backside pon ah banana boat and ship them backayard.

        about an hour ago ·
      • Chamba Chada

        You are what you eat. Stop eating fowl. After years of eating mainly chicken people begin to act like chickens. They peck at each when they come too close. Only their own kids count, all others are enemies. All men are like roosters, breed…ing as many girls as he can without second thought. All men make noise about all other men, the women stay quiet fending to get food for the kids, they give the man a ride when he gets too hot and be done with it. Start to eat more pork, see he Chinese how friendly they are, and Europeans and Americans soft and easy from eating much cows. Caribbean people have eaten chicken far too long. I see much fowl play here.See More
        55 minutes ago ·

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