Julian Rollocks

Bibi Clark pulls her libelous Julian Rollocks article, and Fernando Clark is explained a joke that everyone can laugh at.

by Julian Rollocks on Tuesday, November 10, 2009 at 6:33pm
Great Bay- That Julian Rollocks is upset, is probably the understatement of the century. Yesterday, the general secretary of the Democratic Party answered for the first time to “persistent rumors” about what has stuck in the public’s mind as the Belvedere underwear incident.
On October 10, the persistent rumor had it that Rollocks had been spotted running around in his underwar in Belvedere, chased by his wife. Because this story-even if it were true-seemed to be a private domestic dispute- the Today Newspaper elected not to write about it, but it did surface in other media. Some of them stuck to initials, but they did not fail to mention that the man in question was a politician. On the SMN Network Website the story even surfaced with Rollock’s full name.
Yesterday, Rollocks made a statement to the media, right after the DP press conference in the Parliament building on Back street. ” There has been a persistent rumor of my person running around in his underwar in Belvedere. This rumor needs to be dealt with, and I want to make it very clear tht I was not that person.”
Rollocks said that the dispute at his home was “a private altercation. No one got hurt, no one got stabbed. I dealt with this privately. No woman was running behind me in Belvedere that night, and I was not running around in my underwear. Which J.R. was there must be made clear.”
Rollocks said that police Inspector Henson, whose picture appeared with the story on the SMN Network website, had not written a report about the incident.
Rollocks is now seeking a rectification from the police, and a clarification from the Daily Herald, because the newspaper identified the man in the story as a politician with the initials J.R.
“It would be interesting if the paper could make clear who this J.R is. It was not me,” Rollocks said. ” I also want to ask Bibi Shaw,( the internet journalist who publishes on SMN Network-ed.) who J.R. is. She printed my full name. I demand that she takes this story down from her web site within 24 hours. Otherwise, I will prosecute her. This has damaged my reputation. She has to stop it, or face legal consequences.”
A survey of SMN Network showed that the contested story is no longer there. The story has been removed from the online archives of the Daily Herald as well.
Rollocks also attaced comedian Fernando Clar. ” He has used this incident to promote his show. Well, I have a court order about how Fernando Clark settled a domestic dispute on August 4 of last year.”
Rollocks showed a copy of the summons Clark received. “If he won’t explain what it says, I will, ” Rollocks said, indicating that Clark had beaten and kicked someone. That someone turned out to be Germaine Joseph, described in the summons as the defendant’s wife/partner.”
On August 4, he intentionally ill-treat the woman violently, by twisting her arm, kicking her, and scratching her face, arms and belly with his nails.
“I’ll explain this so that we can have a laugh too,” Rollocks said.
“After St Maarten’s Day, I will decide upon further action against him”.

the proof

Friday, October 16, 2009 12:44 PM
“Judi Romon”

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I’m working with the guy in India, to make sure that everything is ready by monday, his specialty is web design, and I want to make sure everything is perfect before launch
Your facebook “friends”  list has increased by 50% over the past two days
You have almost 400 friends and the rest will be added later on today.
You have more “friends’ in two weeks, than the NA has been able to accrue in 10 months!!!
No one has stated anything negative on your site,
just support for you.
This just proves that the people who love and support you, couldn’t give a rats ass about some so called “scandal”.
The people that support you, know that it’s political
Roland Duncan is a snake, and should not be trusted.
I’m more st maartener than you think
I was taught by Mrs. Duncan for four years at the St Maarten Academy.
Roland Duncan is a sheisty scoundrel, from what i’m reading off of the net, he may be involced, but their is no proof.
I know a lot about Mr Duncan, because his wife could never keep her mouth shut.
He doesn’t know me, but I know him.
Any body could have been behind this
but my gut says Duncan
follow the pattern
follow the trail
there’s a lot of info, that’s simply not out there.
I have no idea what mr Duncan’s role is with the DP
but there’s something going on over there.
HE has been infiltrated, but he’s slick and very good at being slick
so he won’t be caught anytime soon.
Watch your back!
Everything will be completed by Sunday, then we can roll.
I don’t believe in coincidences
and I don’t believe that who ever “arranged” this didn’t have any help
Know your friends!
I’m not your friend,
I just work some gigs for you
You’re a smart guy, figure it out.
There is something going on
a concerted effort to eleviate you of your job for some reason.
I won’t discount other DP members or “friends” being involved in it
call me a conspiracy theorist.
You were framed…. figure it out
something’s not right

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