A truck just killed a 12 year girl near Rainbow Shop Suckergarden road.
What I heard, she crossed suddenly, alleging the truck was speeding. The little one is in the arms of the Lord now, she has peace. Road terrorists hardly ever get punished for the road crimes they commit. For me the driver should be jailed for 12 years.

    • Chamba ChadaWhen you kill with a wrench, a gun or a knife you go jail. If you kill with a car or a bike or a truck you stay free??? What f*cking nonsense is that? If I was boss I would make the killing in any circumstance punishable with long prison to keep he a**hole off the roads. Oh o, oops, I forgot, the jails are full.

      about an hour ago ·
    • Chamba ChadaVery sad for the parents and friends, my comfort is only that she did not suffer, death came at once and completely. The Lord whisked her away and we must live on. Courage to deal with this terrible loss. My well meant condolences.

      21 minutes ago ·

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