unqualified, woman beating, racist! birds of a feather

Gerard Bijnsdorp, once again YOU ARE A GUEST!

So is your racist sidekick Hilbert Haar, who you choose to defend once again, as you attack indigenous St Maarteners.

Gerard Bijnsdorp, needs to jump on racist, woman-abuser Hilbert Haar, and get the heck of St Maarten,

You are no longer the unpaid advisor, you are simply an unwelcomed guest, who has stayed long after the party is gone.

I hate a lot about St Maarten politics, but what I hate most of all is that you’re not supposed to be able to pick up the racial undertones, of what Gerard Bijnsdorp says.
Gerard Bijnsdorp does NOT like Black people,

and he really hates the indigenous St Maartener, who for some reason he has chosen to live among.

Maybe he felt that he was caucasian, and would be seen by the Blacks as some type of “demi-god”, but we knew he was a dumbass from the jump!

The Racist Duo of Gerard Bijnsdorp and Hilbert (NIGGER, NIGGER, NIGGER) Haar,  post the article, in the South African Daily Herald, because that’s supposed to earn some credence.

Gerard Bijnsdorp and Hilbert Haar, remain here to question the Black man who feeds them.

That’s right, their resentment comes from the fact, that they have a “vision” for St Maarten, but we don’t.

I know a lot of “indigenous” whites in the Nederlandse, Flemmish or whatever they call themselves, and those White’s also believe in their independence, but they are WHITE, so that’s okay.

Gerard Bijnsdorp, is under educated White trash, who did NOT get the degrees he claims to have received in the Netherlands,

so instead came to St Maarten to work, because St Maarten does take the dregs of the Netherlands, and vice versa.

Gerard Bijnsdorp is a closeted racists, who like to hang out at BOO BOO Jam, hugging up on every Black woman, just so that NO ONE would call him a racist, but Gerard Bijnsdorp is as much a racist, as any skin head youth I’ve encountered.

It reminds me of one Donald Trump, who IS a racist, and who HATES the fact that he has a Black president.

Rather than just coming out and saying: “I hate this succesful Black Man”,

Trump has to send investigators to Hawaii, to see if Obama is really “one of us”.

There has to be an investigation, for the first time EVER of a sitting president, about citizenship….


Because Trump, like Hilbert Haar and Gerard Bijnsdorp are simply racist, but they are spineless cowards, who believe that they are smarter than the average St Maartener, so

They run to the Boers, at the Daily Herald, and jump on Fabian Badejo.

When it turned out that although Obama is BLACK, is is an American citizen,

Trump said that he would now investigate Obama’s transcripts and college records.

How could a Black man be intelligent enought to graduate Harvard?


He MUST have been a token student.

It MUST have been affirmative action.

Of course, he must have done SOMETHING for those grades……………….

Bob Shieffer one of the oldest WHITE men on TV called Donald Trump, what he was, “A Racist!”.

And Donald Trump, like Hilbert Haar and Gerard Bijnsdorp, will be stunned to find out too, that their deep resentment,

of the Black man, is also racism!

It’s racism because the con artist, with his bogus qualifications, Bijnsdorp and Hilbert (NIGGER, NIGGER, NIGGER) Haar, disdain the Black man and the Black St Maartener, not because of anything that they’ve done,

but because of the COLOR OF THEIR SKIN.

When Bijnsdorp daughter return, having done very little anywhere, The Daily Herald had a full spread of the Nederlander, who had done virtually nothing, but because she was Bijnsdorp’s daughter, of course they promoted her.

Racist of a feather I guess.

We get it Bijnsdorp, and it really doesn’t matter what you say.


You can fill out your little suggestion card, on your way out of HOTEL ST MAARTEN, and let us know how you feel,

but you don’t even qualify to be a garbage man, in this here great hotel, so why are why taking your b.s. advice?

You came here as an educator, and according to your own bosses at MPC, lied about your credentials to get the job, probably taking it from an indigenous local.

You and your family have been served on a silver platter, but all our “Great White Hope”, can do is complain and gnash his teeth bitterly.

Hilbert Haar is lucky,

he is an unqualified, un charismatic “editor” of a crap paper.

His Puppet master is a gay Black Man!!!

LOL! Oh the conversations you too must have over your Heinekens.

Hilbert Haar, beats on  Black women, and then steals their work out of frustration.

He NO LONGER has a voice at his own paper,

because a Black man dictates, what he can and cannot write.

This pent up resentment comes out in the letters that they send to whatever “editor” will accept their crap anymore,

but no one’s listening.

Gerard Bijnsdorp, will like to consider himself to be “The Great White Hope”, in St Maarten,

BUT MOST OF THE DUTCH IN SXM HATE HIM, and resent the fact that he makes them look like ignorant racists, whenever he has his b.s. printed.


Simple, I speak to the Dutch community, it’s obvious, they believe Gerard Bijnsdorp is as good to  Dutch causes, as Perez Hilton is to gay causes.

The intelligent Dutch know that Bijnsdorp is an idiot from his babbling, and they feel that he needs to head on the nearest boat back to the Nederlands, or simply elsewhere.

Bijnsdorp has no credibility because his diplomas are as legitemate as Julian Rollocks.

His own MPC boss, has described him as a lying, unqualified hack, who managed to get in, because he managed to impress enough dumb people.

Hilbert Haar has been discredited, and equally loathed in the Dutch community.

He spends his time beating up black women, filling his newspaper with the “nigger” word, and simply steals stories when he’s to lazy or drunk to write anything original.

Hilbert Haar, like Gerard Bijnsdorp, has been outted in the lack-a-edu dept…

Hilbert Haar can barely string an entire sentence together, yet he’s an “editor”.

That works out well for him, and the Today Plantation owner.

The relationship between the White employee, Haar,

and the Black Voice, Richard Gibson,

is one of mutual symbiotic parasitism………………………..

Meaning that they BOTH benefit from it.

Whenever Hilbert Haar wants to demean another Black person, or use the word “nigger”, or beat a Black woman, etc..

He always maintains, ya know…his boss is Black.

Richard Gibson uses Hilbert Haar, because he is a White man, dumb enough to come into St Maarten, and say whatever lies he wants to about St Maarteners………..and NO repercussion,

at least that’s what he thinks.

Richard Gibson has a lot of enemies, and believe that the story has more credibility if it comes from a White man, and that’s why Hilbert still has a job, it’s that simple.

But Richard Gibson is Hilberts, owner and master, and we all know that,

so that’s where you get Hilbert’s resentment of local Blacks.

Gerard Bijnsdorp on the other hand,

is simply a parasite,

brought here through some weird cargo mishap,

the parasite came in a snail, or other slimy insect, like they usually do.

He eat, sleeps, poops and reproduces here, as he continuously undermind the same host that he lives off of.

He spends his days, feeding of of the host that is St Maarten,

and allowing his family of parasites, to feed off of the host,

and they quietly drain it dry.

Happy Carnival People.

The bloggers are back!

And the bloggings will continue, until Bijnsdorp and Haar get the hell out of our beautiful country,

and go and criticize their “own!!”

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  1. I remember from the time I posted some things in the papers that Bijnsdorp ALWAYS followed up on my posts, that he for 9 out of 10 pieces just wrote idiot pieces after my posts. He is as deaad as his dead wood hobby. I told him, to get a life, and stop taking my pieces to write in the papers after me. What a goon!

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