Police patrols at various locations on the island, could be seen responding to a robbery report Thursday afternoon minutes after five 0’clock.Police spokesman Inspector Ricardo Henson confirmed that the robbery suspects escaped in the bushes opposite the Atlantis Casino in Cupecoy after their bid to escape was foiled by a citizen driving a jeep.

The citizen who saw the two robbers trying to escape on a scooter, used his jeep to ram the scooter and the robbers, sending them crashing to the ground.

In the process, the two shot-guns used by the robbers along with the money from the robbery, fell to the ground as well.

The robbers took off running and managed to elude the police and the K-9 Unit in the bushes. The escape of the robbers was aided by the deminishing sunlight and the darkness that grew in the thick of the bushes.

The police did however manage to confiscate the weapons and the money from the robbery.

No one was reportedly hurt during the robbery and an investigation has been launched by the detective department of the St. Maarten police force.

The initial report from the police spokesman Inspector Ricardo Henson which was recorded during the hunt for the robbers, can now be heard via PodCast.

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