Sources online want to know if the St Maarten Police Dept have found the weapons and ammunition that was stolen from a container in Point B at the Harbor.

Point Blanche, and the harbor area is where a majority of imported goods are brought in and housed in containers.

Break ins and thefts of these containers are quite common, but this is the first time that I have heard of the stolen weapons and ammunition.

The Harbor’s Mingo is controlled by the local government. Theo Heyliger’s family of the UP control the harbor, and what goes in and comes out.

There is a chance that I missed this story in the paper but I doubt it.

Since the St Maarten Police Dept (NOT ALL OF THEM) and the government figure that if they ignore me I’ll go away 🙂

There’s a good chance that they will not even acknowledge this blog.

Isn’t that a reassuring thought?

Thousands of illegal weapons have already been stolen, and are on the streets of St Maarten…

But who possesses these weapons now?


  1. it has been years now that st maarten have harbor control so i am supprised that this happen even the island is a free port to go on the pier to get a box that u send you have walk with id or passport so if these things r going on it have to be an inside job they should check the port guards so sorry to see what sxm has come to now such a beautiful island

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