While Minister of Justice, Roland Duncan reclines in his plush air-conditioned office, members of the crime task force, and police are on the street, battling the ever increasing gun violence.

Now there are reports that the crime task force wants Roland Duncan to withdraw his new gun policy, which he plans to enact unilaterally in two weeks if parliament doesn’t respond. Workers at the harbor have reported that a container, holding a new shipment of weapons from our police dept. have been stolen. Whether the police dept. confirms, denies or ignore these blogs, is up to them.

One drive by shooting yesterday in Dutch Quarter, the victim shot twice. The car used in the drive by was later burned at Oyster Pond.

On Tuesday there was an armed robbery at the Colebay gas station, and a man was reported walking around with a machine gun.

Did it come from one of these shipments? There was also a report of a gun battle in the same area 30 minutes later, and on Saturday the island reported its 5th murder, most by gun violence


  1. All the gun crimes you mentioned was committed by illegal guns run by the afluent folks. Please stop the b.s. The law abiding people has the right to defend themselves. You sh*crackers need to find an occupation if you don’t have one.
    Mr.Duncan, you have the right to your opinion. When the crime wave hit the rich they’ll sing another tune.

    • I believe adding more guns to a gun violence crisis will make things worse.
      that’s it. try cleaning up the current mess before even consider legalizing anything
      and put health and education first.

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