the decorations are already up. dont forget 4:20 on april 20 2011

-Minister of Tourism and Hookers, Frankie Meyers will make an appearance, with his top 20 hookers. Frankie will also be giving a Power Point Presentation about the pains and pleasures of satisfying the Black man.

-NO DRUGS! The Colombiana “bolitas putitas”, will arrive “pre-packaged”. Each Frankie prostitute will have at least 2 lbs of cocaine stuffed up her wahoo. So there’s no need to risk getting busted right across from the police station. Cocaine will be provided.

-Minister of Justice, Roland Duncan will be in charge of crowd control (he’ll be using a semi-automatic), Roland Duncan will also be resposible for the Dominicana delegation of prostitutes. He will show up with about half a dozen of his faves, and there are gonna be contests to see how far each Hooker can “pop out” the bolitas, when you make them sneeze.

-Government Clerk, Jeffrey Richardson will be in charge of putting the pepper under the prostitutes noses, to make them sneeze the bolitas out.

There is a prize for the hooker who sneezes her bolita out the greatest distance. The prize is a free 1 year pass, at the Medical Clinic.

-Husband of Ex Commish Maria Buncamper Molanus, Toontje Buncamper will be in charge of “grading” the quality of the sneezed out bolitas. The odds are 10 t0 1 that the Colombianas will sneeze out the highest quality coke.

– Geerling and Carlyle, the police officers in government will show up with pounds of weed, that was confiscated and supposedly burned last month. People will soon understand what the Police Dept means, when they say..”We are burning the marijuana”.

There will be a marijuana smoke out competition between Geerling and Carlyle, but Rumours are the Chief of Police Peter Dim Witt, will seize a “come from behind”  🙂  victory. The Dutchman will smoke them under the table.

-Chief Advisor to Prime Minister Sarah Wescot Williams, Julian Rollocks will be in charge of all transexuals, transvestites, hermaphrodites, transgendered, and the sexually confused.

bio-pic “THE LIFE OF A HUSSLA WHO LOVES CHICKS WITH DICKS” will be premiered and screened to an exclusive “elite” audience.

Prime Minister of St Maarten, Sarah Wescott Williams, The Anguillan, will of course be in charge of all  liquour, all things containing alcohol, and the alcoholics…aka her kinfolk

-Gun Nut, Peter Gunn will provide the crack, and freebase it off of a tranny prostitutes ass……. LIVE!

We are currently receiving updates, about new events to be added to this afternoon’s slate of activities.




  1. This is a great party, many will be resurrected from their zombie state. I think you forgot to mention the voodoo performance of houngan Renaldo Falafel who will guarantee all eloped lovers return to their former partners, manna from heaven and a magic burning rum circle to make sure the devil may care for our island.

  2. Frans likes Boys what about him ? Unless they bring some boys , Frans wont be interested , in any event we hear his party will be at the pink mango in marigot ….

  3. As an openly gay man, there’s a reason why I live in the USA and only visit st martin for carnival. As soon as I land, my phone blows up. And its not joe on the street calling me. Every DL man knows who I am, and every DL man knows where I am when I land. I cannot tolerate this mentality. So I left. Those are the same ones that will call me batty behind my back to there friends, but they would never dare say it to me. If you want to know where you can find your DL politicians it is at cupecoy. I know exactly where. Because they be waiting there naked. And you politicians know how to find us. Go down to Cupecoy right now, on that isolated beach, and see who’s down there doing what. The “fish” are waiting

    • take it easy , open gay guy , nobody cares about your batty, and who calls you, America is the right place for you along with the 51 million abortions and illegal wars that kills hundreds of thousands every year …….. and no thanks , i will pass on cupecoy

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