According to reports, there’s been another shooting in Dutch Quarter, one individual was shot.

The source is Peter de Witt, Chief of Police.

There were shootings yesterday in Well Road Colebay. Police arrived at the scene. And posted and APB (All Points Bulletin) with the perpetrators’ descriptions.

A gas station attendant was also held up at Tackling gas station in Cole Bay,

And Amador Jones became the island’s fifth gun murder of the year, on Saturday.

Roland Duncan, Minister of Justice, plans to go ahead in two weeks, and begin implementing his new gun permit legislation.

This legislation will make it legal to own a gun in St Maarten.

Minister of Justice Roland Duncan, seems unaware of the gun violence going on in St Maarten,

and if he is aware, it is quite obvious he doesn’t care.


  1. For curiosity I may try to get a gun license, just to be able to report how easy (or hard) it is to get one. And who will I meet on the shooting range to see who are the others that get one? Or can you get a list of applicants for guns without me have to go through all that crap?

  2. Please let wisdom rule. Duncan”s proposal is doing the right thing for all law abiding citizens. He will not be emptying a container of guns on the ball field and say to everyone come and take a gun. Why are you people such ass holes? Why don’t you people think before you speak? Permit or no permit will not stop the flow of guns. Educate yourselves regarding the proposed gun policy and your nrxt blog would be worthwhile reading.

  3. Guns have already been legal for decades
    More than 100 citizens have had gun licenses for more that 15 years
    The arguments against the permits are stupid
    Duncan is NOT Legalizing guns he is changing the requirements to apply
    I fact he is adding more requirements
    It is sad to see that an entire country of people that seem to be arguing such a stupid point. I guess common sense is not so common
    To make my point even clearer
    Claude wathey had a permit to carry a weapon and so did Chester wathey
    My point here is that these people died before roland duncan became minister
    So how could he LEGALIZE something that was legal before he ever entered politics
    Currently there are more than 150 people that have gun permits that the had before duncan enacted the change of legislature
    SO PLEAS I UNDERSTAND that when people think that they are right and are passionate about something it hard to see how stupid there point is
    But honestly if you can continue your argument against guns after the FACTUAL Information that I have given you the
    Then our island truly is lost in ignorance

    • My argument is not about him updating permits,
      my argument is the need for guns on 16 square miles of land,
      with a congested population.
      What appears to be pissing you people off,
      is that everything I blogged about in January has come to past.
      10 MURDERS in 5 months on 16sq miles.
      People get upset at the messenger all the time.
      I’m am against gun legalization on 16sq miles of congested land,
      So rather that working on getting all of these illegals out.
      Rather than working at getting the kids off of the block and into classes and courses.
      Rather than ensuring universal health care for the St Maartener.
      Rather than raising the 500 guilders per month the pensioner receives.
      Rather than cleaning up that huge disaster on the Salt Pond.
      Rather than investing in more beds, and a bigger staff for the hospitals,
      Rather than putting together a hurricane disaster prepardness plan that actually works…
      Rather than working out the kinks in the penal system, and upgrading the jail and prison,
      The priority of our goverrnment is
      1) Open more brothels
      2) Improve Gun Laws!
      So it doesn’t matter if you call me stupid,
      thousands read these blogs daily,
      and they know what’s going on.

  4. What I wrote yesterday did not register, I pressed the wrong buttons, so here once more my point of view. .
    Guns attract guns. Like attracts like.
    Those paranoia freaks who need a gun to protect themselves must have broken the law [of the Universe] very badly. With many older, high placed people now starting to discover mind education their hearts open and they see how much they stole and pillaged and they are afraid of reprisal.
    When you realize that you are guilty you fear punishment. Civil punishment is what is been meted out against Arab dictators lately for the world to see. Civil justice will become more and more probable now that leaked crimes come to light.
    It would be better for those who have a dirty consciousness to come clean, confess and apologize. Instead they arm themselves against imaginary or real executioner. Beware the verdict of the masses.
    As only god can give permission for one to die, I see nothing wrong with the killings of those who are guilty as sin. I am pretty sure that those who die by the gun could not have been saved by another gun. Unless you are Billy the Kid.
    To outdraw someone who comes to kill you , that is love for real, shot from the hip.
    It is only those who are guilty and know it who want a gun.

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