One paper writes, that the Jose Lake ballpark shooter was masked, while eyewitness sources reported that they couldn’t describe his face, but NO ONE mentioned any mask. They said that they could describe EVERYTHING about him….but his face.

Eyewitnesses say that Jones was shot in the knees first and fell, the paper is reporting that he ran at least thirty feet, and then fell. The shooter allegedly ran towards Saunders, which would make no sense unless he panicked, because his first instinct should have been to get out of the area. Saunders is part of Cul de Sac, there are no major roads to get out of the area, Zagersgut would have been the only way out to head towards Philipsburg/French Dutch Quarter.

He was allowed to escape. He was allowed out. There’ve been incidents of shootings up St Peters before, and they don’t let you out.

They DON’T call the police, and you don’t get out, no matter what type of gun you have,

Not when you’re shooting at locals.

there was some punk who decided to start shooting by the St Peters, LB Scott Road Junction. He had the gun, and he was shooting, but they managed to jump him anyway, gun-no gun, you don’t just come in to the area and get out. 

If you rob the Chinese grocery store-yes.

Thugs come in from other districts to rob the Chinese……yes.

That’s why the smart Chinese tend to have a thug of their own, working for them, usually at the front door.

The Chinese, with no locals working for them get robbed constantly.

There seems to be some weird, tacit, inner district agreement among thugs, that the Chinese are fair game,

But to shoot one of the boyz??????????


The police show up, and both papers report that ALL eyewitnesses are hostile, and the police wouldn’t dare take anyone down to the station for questioning, because they didn’t want a fight. That’s a straight gendarme move right there. Gendarmes will show up at a crime scene, and if they don’t like the “atmos-fear”, they’ll leave, well out of fear.

My perspective, is that he was allowed to leave, so that he could be connected to a source,

so that they could be hunted at someone’s leisure.

Even if the police do catch the invididual, and he goes through the system and serves his 20 months for murder, in prison

he’d better enjoy those 20 months to the fullest…………

That’s just the way St Maarten is,

it’s a cycle.

And this is an opinion blog,

and the above is simply my opinion, based on what I know, and what I’ve taken from the local media.


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