Dear Mos,

Nobody will come forward, because we’ve seen how you treat your own…..namely: Bas Roorda!

You want to beg for witnesses, but the police are known for brutalizing the people, with no repercussion, and the people who dare turn evidence over to the prosecutor, suddenly find themselves in danger.

How do you expect witnesses to step forward, when our government is basically an organized crime syndicate, who uses its police as a goon squad to attack and intimidate?

At least Bas Roorda had a place to run to, where is the St Maartener going to run, when they turn evidence, and you and your office snitch them out and put their lives in danger.

There’s a witness protection plan in the United States, for witnesses who turn evidence.

What does St Maarten offer you?

A cup of instant coffee, as you spill your guts, and then end up splattered all over the sidewalk a few hours later.

At this point, St Maarten almost needs Martial law by the Dutch.

With indepence, the crime has skyrocket, and the government plan to counter to rise in crime is to add more prostitutes and guns.

All of you bastards in office deserve what you get.

Because when they are done shooting at the poor man

they will come gunning for those in goverment.


  1. If you want your business all over the internet and street just whisper it to Mos confidentially!
    fuck mos! what’s another disposable nigger?
    no more 3 hour martini lunches
    do allyou jobs!
    and if you want informers pay them and protect them, all you think black people stupid?

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