If no one’s coming forward, then the cops and police might want to start by putting on IP tracer, on the server that’s receiving those comments from a person claiming to  “have done a good job”, and that there are more.

Does St Maarten have computer forensic specialist?

I doubt it. St Maarten needs to realize that this is the 21st century.

If somebody dare jumps on line, and post any info like the person has been doing on these local sites,

they would be traced with 30 minutes.

And the American Feds deal with over 370 MILLION PEOPLE!

If the American Feds, can track down a threat within minutes, with a population of almost 400 million.

Then why can’t St Maarten with the Dutch, track these comments down?

Why is it, that I can see this, but the experts and professionals can’t.

And when you’re done with that,

please head down to Union Farm, and please pick up “CHUCKY”.

He’s down at Union Farm, raising hell, and everybody has spotted him but the police.


ISP TRACER etc. etc.

Let me know if you need to know what software to use.


  1. Thank you for telling the people what to do , what goes on, how to enter present times. The dinosaurs are dying out!Now they need replacing with real folks like you.

  2. After reading the comments on I thought the same thing! Would it be SOOOOOOOOOO hard for St Maarten to start tracking people this way… Maybe you should send this in to the Daily herald Opinion page…

    • lol, the daily herald staff subscribe to ALL my blogs, but the government has FORBIDDEN them from mentioning me, because I post all of the government emails, and both local papers are in the email matrix.

      • Really?? What about The Today newspaper.. or maybe just sending it in anonymously to the daily herald from another email?? you really should try and get this issue out in the open somehow!!

        • are you aware that our two local “papers” are either owned by these corrupt entities, or are afraid of them
          I’ve had HILBERT HAAR the editor of the TODAY tell me about the threats and intimidation, and later that day, I visited the Herald and they said the same thing.
          The Herald is not a real newspaper, it’s a government run propoganda source. They receive funds and grants, eventhough they don’t qualify, they make millions in reveneu from ads and sales, and they still accept government money. IF they were to report what was really going on, they would lose that extra funding money, and the Pro government forces will pull their ads from the paper, and pressure others to do so. Don’t forget it was a Daily Herald editor who had a gun held to his head until he “corrected” something, or was that the Today editor? LOL. The daily herald is owned, and hilbert is already scared.

  3. st maarten police don’t know how to google isp trace
    all you people crazy if all you think the police can find anything but pornography on the internet,

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