One of the things that I miss about the United States, is that if you are convicted of murder, the sentence is usually life…

or death. St Maarten has one of the softest, most ridiculous rules, when it comes to punishing murderers.

Murder, is not manslaughter. Manslaughter could be accidental, etc. In St Maarten, if you serve just a few months, after taking someones life, people might feel the need to retaliate, because what the courts is saying, is that all this victim who was murdered was worth, was a few months in prison. If the prosecutors gave someone 20 years, instead of 9 months and an ankle bracelet, then maybe people wouldn’t feel the need to take the law into their own hands and exact revenge.

20 years is a lot of time for the killer to think, and it’s also a lot of time for the friends and family of the victim to cool off.

Someone takes your loved ones life,

and you bury them, and go through the horrible grieving process,

and a few months later, there’s the killer driving around, like nothing happened,

but you’re still emotionally raw and grieving.

People like to pretend that the electric chair is NOT a deterrent,

listen NOBODY in the USA EVER wants to be caught doing ANYTHING in the South, especially Texas…


In Texas, they don’t care…..

How would you like to go? Hanging, firing squad, lethal injection, electric chair?

I know that they’ve outlawed some of the above practices, but I can guarantee you, that the death penalty IS a deterrent.

Just my opinion, I am conservative in some of my opinions, liberal in most.

what is your thoughts on St Maarten implementing the death penalty?


  1. Read all you can and see There is no proof that the death penalty reduces murder. http://www.search-results.com/web?l=dis&o=15915&q=death+penalty+reduces+murder&atb=sysid%3D1%3Aappid%3D573%3Auid%3D3e65aafd43b84802%3Auc%3D1302911358%3Aq%3Ddeath+penalty+reduces+murder%3Asrc%3Dcrb%3Ao%3D15915
    Death is not a punishment. Life in prison is punishment, but only if the prisoner is shitfet, eh shifted, often to other places. A human being settles in 3 month and feels home, the punishment is the time he has not jet adjusted to his new surroundings. Prison may not become a home. And forced labor and amputations help.

    • and that’s why there is so much retaliation in sxm.
      people want death for death.
      and it is easy if you are removed from the situation,
      but if you walk in and find someone has murdered your child,
      you might be somewhat less diplomatic
      you might kill them yourself

    • harsher sentence doesn’t necessarily mean the death penalty,
      it means giving someone who’s murdered someone, more than a few months
      at the sea view hotel in point blanche.. If you think they’ll be suffering in Point Blanch you’re crazy
      I have several friends that i went to school with who’ve gone to Point Blanche for murder,
      And I’m serious about that, Point Blanch is posh compared to American prisons. I have friends who’ve done stints
      in the state penn, like 8 years Joliet, and 6 at one etc etc, combined 35 odd years in prison, and he was on his way back, so
      prison as a rehab is bullshit, because they get used to the conditions, and they’ll straight tell you, I’ll go back if I have to,
      and they always do. And then they suck the taxpayers resource, so some man kills your child, and a percentage of your salary takes
      care of him for the rest of your life, and he never has to work again, for the rest of his.

  2. You are right, I only did my stint in Guadeloupe P-a-P for ganja (of course) that was not posh, 12 -13 men in a room with 10 beds. In 3 months I was librarian and helped the boyz get English lessons, French letter writing, Domino contests, Chess, religion and when I left after a year they all asked me to please come back. PRISON IS NOT A PUNISHMENT. IT IS MEANT TO KEEP SOCIETY FREE FROM THE INMATES, THAT’S ALL/

  3. I advice amputation of the hand that steals, the dick of the rapist, both hands of the murderer and the nose and ears of corrupt politicians. That is punishment, and that will help a lot.

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