I just learned the sad news that we lost another one, through gun violence last night, Amador Jones,

is the son of Elton Jones, DP advisor, and leaves a younger brother Omar behind.

SOURCE:       he got shot last night after the game at the ball park, 2 bullets in his leg, 1 in his shoulder and 1 in his belly area he was taken to the hospital…he died there

peepz saw the fella who shot him….could describe the clothing and hair style but not the face of the dude.
more to come.
You will be missed on your bike in St Peters Amador, your peepz are mourninG
sources now saying that there IS a list, and Mr Jones was simply the first to go.


    • We have more info up here in St Peters, but I was told not to post anything else, to wait and see,
      there’s def. something going on up here. In the area, but I’m gonna stay inside. I live close by by

  1. No jails or jail-time on st.Marten ….because the prosector, judge and lawyers are all friends and the jails are full , our politicians are more concerned with smooth roads rather than protecting its citizens ………inevitably we can expect more to come

  2. This is so sad. What has this world come to? Does these people not see that this is not the answer to what ever they think they are solving. Just more mothers crying and heart broken and families falling apart. Now when they shoot someone they are next and then who shoot them the are next its a chain thats never ending. PLEASE PLEASE leave it to GOD and if you dont BELIEVE in GOD thats sad but leave it to the Law Even though they are slow at what they do. Why oh why has are island gone to the DOGS its not the island of love and peace its no PARADISE but HELL. PLEASE STOP THE CRIME AND LOVE ONE ANOTHER. I think there should be a gun campaign and try get to people to stop this let them see the MOTHERS and FAMILIES they are hurting. THESES BOY that are DYING have KIDS. why dont they think about that before they go do that stupidness. And about that list they need to get real please wise up be men not dogs. act your all ages not like animals. for heaven sake let it go burn the list. I PRAY for YOU ALL. I lost a friend and two more because of this. its not needed. PLEASE I BEG YOU STOP THE CRIME LOVE LIVE AND LAUGH, LOVE LIVE AND LAUGH.

  3. AMADOR JONES die but will remain present in everyones heart,he was a father , a friend and always loved the ones who care and loved him…GOD remenber his face, our faces and save us a place in heaven so we can all be together again….we are living in a world of sins and we all makes mistakes, we are all human so we all gonna judge but the one who is gonna judge him now is GOD and i know GOD have him in a better place because AMADOR JONES had changed his life and give his heart to GOD , so nothing really matters of what everyone accuse him of because GOD forgave him longtime….ILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU DOR AND U WILL ALWAYS BE PRESENT IN MY HEART

    • I spoke to Amador a few months ago. Before that it had been maybe 20 years.
      I just know him as his brother as cool dudes
      everyone has their opinion, that’s how a knew him

  4. he is always a nice person but we r not his judge scripture said leave judgement on to god if we cannot say something good then don’t say nothing
    MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE wether we live wether we die we are all from the lord

  5. Saint Marten, Smarten up.you are slowly loosing your your beautiful island.
    Who would want to vacation in a lawless country. Crime is rampant and out of control. it seems that your Pols. are timid and feckless. when addressing the problem. criminals are not erant boys when they threaten police with machettes and shotguns. these people do not deserve to live in society.when the profile of these criminals who rob a casino in broad daylight is two people on a motor bike one with a shotgun (which is banned by the Geneva convention in warfare) and another with an $8.00 machette it is time to get serious. these robbers are marauders are looking to butcher their victums.
    Train your law enforcers, pay the money send them to the states if you have to their are Police acadamies that will welcome them.

  6. He was a Christian I saw him at revival serviceds with prophet Morton at Carls and Sons Inn. I f he truly was saved he is in Heaven .

  7. Am from Sint Peters to . What about the condonemnt of the Bar on the corner.
    The one in Boasman building ? All of that noise and drug peddling waz up wid dat?
    The latest Chinese robbery I saw the entire thing !!!!!!!!!! The Chinese allmost got his head shotoff!.

      here’s the scoop. The thugs who hit the chinese stores only hit the ones with no local protection.
      many of the chinese don’t like the boys hanging around and drinking and smoking pot,
      but not only are these boys on the block, customers buying from the Chinese all day. they prevent out of district people from robbing them
      they are a pain in the ass, but they won’t let ANYONE walk in a rob a chinese store with locals in it.
      the boys on the block protect many chinese stores, they sell their little weed or whatever, and they look out, they don’t want anyone doin anything whre they do business. The boys have stopped three robberies at one chinese restaurant. They saw the movement, and told them to move on to another store, or else there would be a shoot out. Robbers bring heat, and the boys don’t like heat, so they run them out

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