A few months ago, an angry wife set fire to her husbands car, where it was parked outside one of the local brothels. She rolled it down into the middle of the street, and as me and my friend were driving by, the car exploded, just like in the movies. The government rotates prostitutes like shoes, because I guess the prostitutes at the current brothels already know too much.

The prostitutes are brought in from South America, and of course do not speak English, therefore they cannot dish the dirt on their kinky johns. Every time, an imported courtesan learns too much about the men who frequent these brothels, she’s promptly given a return ticket home. These brothels are owned by people in government, and are frequented most often by men in government, to conduct shady business deals among a bunch of prostitutes, that don’t speak any English…

How’s that for discretion and confidentiality?

It’s a place for them to rub shoulders with members of organized crimes, and make business deals that they wouldn’t at the government building. They solicite funding for their campaigns, and offer favors in exchange.

One National Alliance politician has such a horrible hooker habit, there’s supposedly a video circulating of him in the middle of a whore house bathroom rendezvous.

Everyone thinks it’s funny, considering this man is in church more than anyone else,

but all jokes aside, this cannot be a priority in this dire economy.

Who’s going to profit?

The hookers, the government/brothel owners,

The doctors get added revenue for doing the STD tests every week, so that’s forty more patients to clog the health system EVERY WEEK.

We have a sick government.

And these ladies are NOT treated well.

I’ll say hooker or whatever, to really emphasize what I’m saying, but the majority of these women are pimped out by their fathers, brothers, husbands, boyfriends, and sent to St Maarten to make thousands in a few months period.

They are expected to have sex with each and every person along the way, that  can facilitate them on their way to the St Maarten brothel…………custom agents, border cross, airport officicials, you name it.

Once they get to St Maarten, they remain at a brothel, and occassionally you’ll see them walking to the stores in pairs, never alone.

The only other time I used to see them, was when they would be at the clinic once a week on E. Camille Richardson street.

Men are idiots, that’s why they believe that the prostitutes enjoy them, and love them etc.

My friend proposed to one them, she told him he didn’t have enough money.

Because they pretend that they enjoy these men, the men will pretend to believe it.

St Maarten has a lot of reconsidering to do if its top priorities are prostitute, gay cruises and guns.

The Dutch think that THEY are decadent,

they have NO clue.


  1. How well I know this is true! I stopped 10 years ago to visit the brothels with my bike and jewelry that I made myself for sale. I did that for a year and I got so sad from the accumulated sorrow in the heart of those women that I never again went there the last 10 years.

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