Corruption Hotline Antilles

“No more Korompi in (y) our society”

“Corruption is the phenomenon of someone in a dominant illicit favors competition in return for reciprocal service or as a friend. One might distinguish between public and private corruption, depending on whether the bribed person for a position in government or a company. Second there is the distinction between active and passive corruption. Passive is the appointee who accepts his power or authority wrongly, are becoming active citizens or the customer who bribe paying. This is not the same as the initiator Please read the bribe may be required, demanded or extorted by the staff, but the initiative can also come from the public and are tacitly accepted. ” 1

In short, corruption is when you ask money for something you just paid for, which is forbidden in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. This fact seems not everyone in the Netherlands and the Netherlands Antilles to take root, so we have this (anonymous) hotline set up to allow you to report malpractice. Each message is completely anonymous and confidential.

1  http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corruptie

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